Short News Items from 1933

Mr. and Mrs. M.S. Meeks has as guests Tuesday afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Ech [sic] Rorick and Charles Rorick*, who had driven up from The Dalles, Oregon, and found their trip through the valley most delightful because of the wonderful advancement shown. Their father, Judge J.T. Rorick, who died last August, always showed a keen interest in this section of the country. (White Bluffs Spokesman, April 6, 1933).

About 20 neighbors and friends of Mrs. William Furman met at her home east of Canandaigua Thursday to spend the day with her. A potluck dinner was served on the porch and the afternoon was spent playing bridge. Mrs. Sidney Perry won first honors and Mrs. Jay Call second. Guests from away were Mr. and Mrs. William Strobeck and Mrs. Estella Payne of Devils lake and Mrs. Hattie Hayford of West Adrian. Mrs. Furman who has been in poor health for some time remains about the same. (Adrian Daily Telegram, August19, 1933)

Mrs. George Rorick Clarke entertained the officers and committee chairmen of the Oneonta Lyric Club at a lovely luncheon at her home, 1931 Marengo avenue, Tuesday, November 21. (South Pasadena Foothill Review, November 24, 1933)

*”Charles” Rorick must be a typo, but it’s unclear who this is a reference to.


Short News Items from 1929

Several charming luncheon parties were held at the Samovar Friday, March 8. Mrs. G.H. Milne of New York City has as her guests Dr. Rorick Bennett, Mrs. George Rorick Clarke and Mrs. S.K. Porter of South Pasadena, and Mrs. Willard O. Waters of San Marino. (South Pasadena Foothill Review, March 15, 1929)

Eugene Groover, of Lapeer and Glenn Groover were down Sunday to eat dinner with Mr. and Mrs. M.W. Kessell and to help little Marshall Eugene Groover celebrate his birthday. He carried his cak[e] to the table with three lighted candles on it. Mrs. Groover returned home with them feeling much improved. (Oxford Leader, March 29, 1929)

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Funeral Services To Be Held Thursday For Mrs. Betsy Waters

Mrs. Betsy Rorick Waters, 344 South Pasadena avenue, died Oct. 6. A native of Michigan and a resident of this area the past year and a half, Mrs. Waters and her husband, Willard O. Waters, had lived here for some time 20 years ago.

Besides her husband, Mrs. Waters is survived by a sister, Mrs. George R. Clarke of Pasadena and several cousins in Ohio and Michigan.

Funeral services will be held at 3 o’clock Thursday afternoon in the chapel of Turner, Stevens & Eggleston, 1000 Fremont avenue.

Source: South Pasadena Review, October 7, 1952.

Birthday Inspiration For Family Party

The birthday party of Dr. Rorick Bennett, 1931 Marengo avenue, furnished the inspiration for a large family party held Saturday evening at the Samovar.  A profusion of spring flowers decorated the tables where the covers were laid for the honor guest, and Mrs. A.D. Brown, Mrs. F.K. [sic] Porter, Miss Esther Auten Pine, and Mrs. E.R. [sic] Clarke of South Pasadena, J.T. Rorick of Fort Dallas [sic], Oregon, Mr. and Mrs. W.O. Waters of San Marino, Mrs. C.F. McDuffer, Miss McDuffer, and Mrs. Theodore Peters of Pasadena.

Source: South Pasadena Foothill Review, April 12, 1929. 

Dr. Rorick Bennett

Dr. Rorick Bennett, one of America’s first woman surgeons, died at her home in San Marino Monday at the age of 88 years. She began practicing with her husband more than fifty years ago, and she continued in active practice until she was 75 years of age.  She died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Willard O. Waters.  Before her retirement, Dr. Bennett lived in South Pasadena with another daughter, Mrs. George Clarke, and a sister, Mrs. Mellissa [sic] Porter at 1931 Marengo avenue.

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Dr. Rorick Bennett

Dr. Rorick Bennett, who died in California May 9, in her 89th year, will be remembered by many older residents of Lenawee county. She was a sister of the late Cosper Rorick, a prominent citizen of Seneca and later of Morenci, one of whose sons, George H., is president of the First State Bank in that village, and another, Horton C., holds the same office in the Spitzer-Rorick Bank of Toledo. A sister, Mrs. Deborah Speer [sic], recently died at an advanced age at the home of her son, E.E. Speer [sic], and another, Mrs. Melissa Porter, has shared her home and still lives in South Pasadena, Cal.

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Woman, Noted As Pioneer In Surgery, Dies

Woman, Noted As Pioneer In Surgery, Dies

Dr. Rorick Bennett First of Sex to Graduate At Michigan Medical School

Dr. Rorick Bennett, one of America’s first woman surgeons, who started practicing with her husband nearly half a century ago, died early yesterday in San Marino. She was 88 years of age.

Medical Pioneer

Death came to the aged medical pioneer at the home of a daughter, Mrs. Willard O. Waters, wife of a member of the Huntington Library staff.

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Some Short Social News Items

J.T. Rorick, of Grand Dallas [sic], Wash., is stopping at the Huron House.  Mr. Rorick was formerly publisher of the Bad Axe Democrat.  (Port Huron Times Herald, April 26, 1893)

E.M. Clark and wife and daughters, Misses Jennie and Harriet, went to Detroit today to attend the wedding of Willis Sherman Clark and Miss Georgia Rorick Bennet [sic], both of Detroit.  The wedding will take place at the home of the bride’s parents at 38 Winder street at 6:30 this evening.  The ceremony will be performed by Rev. S.B. Meeser, D.D., of Woodward avenue, Baptist church.  Mr. Clark is a son of Mr. and Mrs. E.M. Clark, of this city.  (Port Huron Daily Times, February 26, 1902)

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