Rorick Family Reunion

The Rorick family—with many branches, famed in local annals, true and staunch clansman—held its annual reunion Wednesday with Dr. E.H. Rorick, ex-member of the Ohio legislature and for some years connected with state institutions for the insane and feeble-minded, now living in more or less retirement at his beautiful Fayette home. It is a delightful place for such a meeting, and noted for hospitality. The Roricks had one of their characteristic good times—no formalities, just visiting, with the inevitable jokes and stories—and a plentitude of picnic provisions. His rubicund face and snowy hair, giving him patriarchal dignity, were continually in evidence and his sunny smile kept up the lively cheer of his kindred and friends.

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Lavina Rorick Chappell

Lavina A. Rorick, who died April 2, 1916, at her late home, the residence of George Smith, in Morenci, was born at Newton, New Jersey, November 19, 1849, and was bereft of her parents when she was just a girl.  The family consisted of two daughters, the other of whom was Susie and three young brothers, Louis, Watson and John, who in their childhood were brought to Seneca township and taken into the households of relatives for care and training.  At the age of about 20, Lavina came to Seneca.  Of this family, there is now only one living member, John, a citizen of Fayette.  Louis became one of the prominent businessmen of Morenci, being a stock dealer and the proprietor of a meat market, and was also interested with his brother-in-law, W.W. Crabbs in the dry goods business.  He died in the west, and was buried here, leaving two daughters, one of whom is yet living and who was present at the bedside of her aunt in her last illness, Mrs. Mattie Deal of Springville, Utah.  There are two other nieces, Florence and Louie [sic] of Toledo, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. L.M. Rorick; two nephews, Harry Rorick of Cleveland and Clark of Chicago, sons of John Rorick.  The deceased was married on June 30, 1885, to Dr. C.E. Chappell of Canandaigua, a well-known physician in that vicinity.  Mr. and Mrs. Chappell moved to Moline, Mich., where they lived on the doctor’s farm about eight years.  They came back to Canandaigua in the fall of 1893, and on April 12, 1894, the doctor’s death occurred.  Since then Mrs. Chappell has lived among relatives and of late has been housekeeper for Geo. Smith.

She was deeply loved in the entire circle of Rorick kindred, for she was steadfast in friendship for all:  she was likewise respected wherever her acquaintance extended, for her good womanhood, her agreeable personality and readiness to aid others in bearing burdens of grief and suffering.  She was animated with the Red Cross spirit, recognized the value of genuine service and did each duty with singleness of purpose and kindness of heart.  She was a loving wife who was true to the memory of her distinguished husband.  So through her life is seen the evidence of her faithfulness, and ins so saying may we not properly close the record of her life?

The funeral service was held at the residence of Mr. Smith on Tuesday at 1:30 o’clock, Rev. J.H. Ashby officiated and Mrs. Louise Stevenson and Miss Sarah Cawley sang favorite selections.  The out of town friends were Harry Rorick of Cleveland; Mrs. Ella Hacker of Allegan, Mich.; John Rorick of Wauseon; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Crane, Perley Cawley and daughter Helen, John Rorick and Mrs. Estelle [sic] Rorick of Fayette, Mrs. Jennie Rorick and daughters Florence and Louise of Toledo, Mrs. Nellie Murphy of Columbus, O., and Mrs. Mattie Deal of Springville, Utah.

Source:  Adrian Daily Telegram, April 5, 1916