Walling Clan Has Annual Gathering

Lincoln—One of Lincoln’s landmarks, the old J.D. Walling home, was the scene of the annual gathering of the Walling clan. Group singing and conversation occupied the afternoon, after a picnic dinner of the lawn. James Smart, Sr., soloist, sang a group of numbers accompanied by Mrs. James Smart, Jr.

The president, David Newsom of Portland, presided at the meeting. Mrs. Eva Purvine, daughter of Mrs. J.D. Walling, is secretary.

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Walling Family Has Reunion Sunday

The 22nd annual reunion was held at the J.D. Walling grove at Walling [sic] Sunday. Following the dinner the afternoon hours were spent informally.

Present were Mrs. James Mott, Dorothy and Beverly Mott, Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Walling, Mr. and Mrs. Jess Walling, Ellis Walling, Celia Walling, Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Chapman, Virginia and Bobby Chapman.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Walling, Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Reant, all of Salem, Mr. and Mrs. H.C. Walling, Jerry Walling, Miss Marjorie Walling, Walter Walling, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Walling, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse M. Wise, Elva Johnson, Eva Johnson, Mildred B. Fall, Floyd Hall, Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Tipp, Marjorie and Audrey Tipp, Mrs. Mary Likens, Mrs. James D. Fall, Mr. and Mrs. L.L. Barzee, all of Portland, Edna Wadsworth of Seattle, J.W. Walling of Amity, Mr. and Mrs. G.G. Walling of Sherwood, W.H.K. Walling of Falls City, Mr. and Mrs. Karl G. Miller of Jefferson, Mrs. Curtis E. Stewart of Oswego, Mr. and Mrs. E. Tohler [sic] and Miss Deloris Tohler [sic] of Eugene, Mr. and Mrs. Jessie Walling of Dallas, Elsie L. Stutz of Brownsville, Mr. and Mrs. Baldwin and Donald Baldwin of West Salem.

Source: Salem Capital Journal, June 28, 1939.

Viola Fisher Bride In Home Wedding

Miss Viola Fisher, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P.H. Fisher, became the bride of William Chapman at a beautiful ceremony in the Fisher home at 1440 Bellevue street Sunday afternoon at one-thirty. Rev. H.C. Stover officiated at the service.

Relatives of the young people formed the guest group at the service and at the dinner which followed. For generations were represented when the grooms grandmother, Mrs. N.S. Buel, her daughter, Mrs. F.A. Chapman, her granddaughter, Mrs. K.V. Maguren, and great granddaughter, Rosemary Maguren, were included in the guest group.

The bride wore a lovely gown of pink flat crepe and her maid, Ruby Comstock, who was her only attendant, wore orchid crepe. Alfred Dresner served as best man.

Covers at the wedding dinner were placed for the bridal party, Mr. and Mrs. F.A. Chapman, Mr. and Mrs. P.H. Fisher, Fred, Ethel, Vernon and Jack Chapman, Mr. and Mrs. R.M. Dunigan and daughters Margaret, Dorothy and Harriett, Mr. and Mrs. K.V. Mauguren [sic] and daughter Rosemary, Mrs. N.S. Buel, Mrs. Alfred Dresner, Mrs. Martha Ettner, Miss Edna Comstock and Rev. H.C. Stover.

After a wedding trip Mr. and Mrs. Chapman will return to Salem to make their home of Bellevue street.

Source: Salem Daily Capital Journal, June 4, 1929.