A Pleasant Wedding

Wm. H. Burt, one of the prominent citizens of the Paskenta section, tells us that there was a very pleasant wedding party at the home of the bride on November 29th when Marshall Ruff was united in marriage to Mrs. Sarah C. Bucklew. Both the contracting parties were well known residents of that locality, and had a host of friends who wished the best of good fortune. The knot was tied by justice G.M.L. Snelling, who did it in the most pleasant way. Those who were present to enjoy the occasion enjoyed a few hours after the ceremony in the manner usual to Tehama county weddings, and upon departing for their homes tendered the heartiest good wishes to Mr. and Mrs. Ruff.

Source: Red Bluff Daily News, December 6, 1899.


Funeral of David Bucklew

The funeral of David Bucklew, who died at Hunter Sunday at noon from the effects of a gun shot wound, took place Monday at 4 p.m.

The funeral procession arrived at the cross-roads beyond the hospital at 3:45 p.m. where a hearse was in readiness to receive the remains. The body was placed in the hearse which proceeded to Oak Hill cemetery where it was laid away to rest.

The services were conducted by Rev. D.H. McCullagh of the Presbyterian church.

Quite a number of friend and neighbors of the deceased accompanied the remains from Hunter.

David Bucklew was an old and respected citizen of this county and there are many who knew him and will be grieved to know of his untimely death.

Source: Red Bluff Daily News, September 30, 1902.

David Bucklew

DEAD IN WAGON BED.  Red Bluff, Sept. 28 — David Bucklew, an old man who has lived in this county for thirty years past, was found lying dead in his wagonbed, after his runaway team was stopped near his place on Cottonwood Creek, twenty-five miles west of here, today.  A bullet hole was found in his head, the bullet having entered just over his left eye.  It is thought that he was killed by someone lying in ambush by the side of the road.  There is considerable mystery connected with his death.

Source:  Los Angeles Times, September 29, 1902.

Old Grudge Is Ended By A Pistol Bullett

Red Bluff, Sept. 28. – David Bucklew was shot and fatally wounded at 10 o’clock this morning near Hunter School House, twenty-five miles west of Red Bluff by his neighbor, William Ham, who says he fired in self defense.  Bucklew was shot as he was riding in a wagon.  The team ran 200 yards with him and struck a tree near Ross Gossett’s house.  The pistol bullet entered his forehead and he lived two hours, not regaining consciousness.  His pistol and hat were found near where the shooting occurred.  Ham came to town and two hours later was arrested by Sheriff Bogard.  After a conference with his attorney he admitted firing the fatal shot.  There was an old grudge between the two men and Bucklew always carried a pistol.  Ham was armed when they met this morning and it is supposed that when Bucklew drew his pistol Ham was too quick for him.  Ham has made no statement of the details.

Source:  San Francisco Call, September 29, 1902.