Matrimonial News from the 1890s

The Randolph, Iowa, Register says: Mr. J.W. Dilts of Randolph and Miss Luella Andruss of Irvington, Kossuth county, were married Tuesday, June 30, at the residence of the bride’s parents. The newly wedded pair arrived in Randolph Wednesday afternoon and in the evening they were tendered a reception by relatives and friends at the residence of Mr. J.H. Wylie. Later they were the recipients of a serenade from the band. Mr. and Mrs. Dilts will soon be at home to their friends on east Randolph street. The Register extends its earnest congratulations. (Algona Upper Des Moines, July 15, 1896)

TYRRELL-WALLING—In this city, June 9, at 1902 Union avenue, by Dr. Charles Edward Locke, Morton H. Tyrrell of Ferndale, Cal., to Lulu Walling of St. Louis, Mo. (San Francisco Chronicle, June 11, 1899)


Birth Announcements from the 1890s

We failed last week in “catching on” to the advent of a little visitor—a baby girl—at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Sid Rorick. Baby’s weight, seven pounds, avoirdupois. Mother and child doing well. (Anamosa Eureka, October 21, 1886)

To Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Holmes, Montgomery Street West Pittston, May 23rd, 1887, a boy. (Pittston Evening Gazette, May 24, 1887)

BORN—In this city, January 2, 1894, to Mr. and Mrs. Enos Walling, a daughter. (Idaho Statesman, January 3, 1894)

Mr. and Mrs. Z.C. Andruss of Irvington are grandparents since election day. The little boy came too late to vote this year. (Algona Upper Des Moines, November 17, 1897)

Lansing Republican: Mr. and Mrs. L.N. Baker have received a telegram announcing the birth of a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. C.M. Rorick, of Morenci. Mrs. Rorick was formerly Miss Georgia Mace, of this city. (Adrian Daily Telegram, February 13, 1899)

Short News Items from 1899

Mrs. Z.C. Andruss returned Wednesday from her visit with her daughters, Mrs. Dilts, at Randolph, Iowa. (Algona Courier, January 6, 1899)

Mrs. Z.E. Brown of Minneapolis has been visiting her brother and sister, Dr. Armstrong and Mrs. Z.C. Andruss of Irvington. (Algona Republican, January 11, 1899)

Now that Steve George has joined the army of benedicts Wat Rorick has formed a partnership with Grant Cooksey and will be able to scoop any and all fishing next spring that is if he can teach Grant how to fish as fisherman should. (The Caldwell Advance, January 19, 1899)

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Short News Items from 1898

TO KLONDIKE—A rumor comes over from Oxford Mills that a party of six will soon start from there for the gold fields of Alaska. The party will consist of V.O. Hammond, well known here; D.D. Rorick, an attorney at Oxford Junction; David and John Rorick, who come from near St. Louis, and Dr. Strevell and son. They are making preparations now to start. (Anamosa Eureka, January 13, 1898)

LuVerne News: John Dilts, son-in-law of Z.C. Andruss, has sold his home in Randolph and he and his family are coming up to spend a year at least ‘neath the parental roof. (Algona Upper Des Moines, February 16, 1898)

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Happy Marriage In Irvington

John W. Dilts and Luella Andruss are United in Life.

Rev. Landis of the Baptist church performed the ceremony at the Andruss home in Irvington which united Miss Luella Andruss and John W. Dilts in matrimony. Only the near relatives were invited, and immediately after the ceremony they took the train for Randolph, Freemont county, where their future home is to be. The groom owns a large farm and is well-to-do and highly spoken of by all. The bride has grown up in the county and is esteemed by a wide circle of friends. Many wishes for the best in life go with them to their new home.

Source: Algona Upper Des Moines, July 8, 1896.

Short News Items from 1891

Mrs. Z.E. Brown and sons, Walter and Clarence, of Minneapolis, have been visiting the past ten days with Mrs. Z.C. Andruss. They return to their home in a few days. Mrs. Brown is a sister of Mrs. Andruss. (Algona Republican, August 5, 1891)

Asa Casterline’s residence, in Northmoreland was totally destroyed by fire Wednesday morning. Origin unknown. Loss $1000; insurance $400. Nearly all the household goods were saved. (Wilkes-Barre News, August 7, 1891)

Another accident occurred upon Tuesday of which no information was received until yesterday. Enos Walling was kicked by his bay mare, the shoe cutting his right arm to the bone, which it fractured. (Idaho Semi-Weekly World, August 18, 1891)

Short News Items from 1882

Mrs. J.W. Linderman has returned home from Ludington where she had been visiting her son Frank. (Cheboygan Northern Tribune, February 4, 1882)

Doc. Walling has been out in the mountains, between Hailey, Muldoon and Bellevue, prospecting, and saw many evidences of mineral, though no veins of sufficient size to warrant his locating any. Doc. Walling has not given up the hope of finding a bonanza not far from Hailey before snow flies. (Wood River Times, September 15, 1882)

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Rorick, and Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Porter, of Seneca, Mich., are in the county visiting their relatives, the families of Dr. Armstrong and J.C. [sic] Andruss, of Irvington. The visitors report themselves highly pleased with Kossuth county. (Algona Republican, October 11, 1882)

E. Sutton, brother of J.P. Sutton, arrived Thursday morning for a visit. He resided here some years since, and is somewhat surprised at the improvement Cheboygan has made since he left. (Cheboygan Northern Tribune, November 18, 1882)

Former Irvington Girl, 69, is Dead

News has been received of the death Sunday, November 19, of Luella Andruss Dilts, former Algona-Irvington girl, at her home in Randolph, near Council Bluffs.

Mrs. Dilts, who was the only child of Zebina and Amanda Andruss, was born at Morenci, Mich., June 2, 1865, and three years later her parents moved to Kossuth county. She was a niece of Doctor Armstrong, pioneer Irvington physician, and her family lived on the present E.R. Mawdsley farm, which they sold to Mr. and Mrs. A.P. Ives when the Andrusses left here.

Luella was educated in the Algona public schools and later attended State Teachers college. Troubled temporarily with her eyes, she attended the state school for the blind at Vinton for a short time. Her eyesight was later recovered.

She was married June 30, 1896, to John W. Dilts, Randolph, a widower with one child, a daughter, Bernice Dilts, who taught school here a number of years. Bernice is now Mrs. Spaulding, of Mitchell. After her marriage the parents moved to Council Bluffs to be near her.

Mrs. Andruss is survived by her husband, the stepdaughter, and a son,

Source: Kossuth County Advance, December 7, 1933.

Zebina C. Andruss

Zebina C. Andruss was born Feb. 7, 1843, in Ontario Co., N. Y. In the spring of 1864, he moved to Michigan, where he lived until the summer of 1867, when he returned to New York. In the fall of 1868 he came to Iowa, arriving at Irvington in September of that year. In the fall of 1869, he settled on the southwest quarter of section 20, township 95, range 28, Irvington township, where he owns 180 acres of well improved land and is engaged in dairying and stock raising. He was married March 24, 1863, to Amanda S. Armstrong, born June 27, 1837, in Steuben Co., N. Y. They have one child—S. Luella. Mr. Andruss and his wife are members of the Baptist Church at Algona. He has been township clerk eight years, and was re-elected to fill the term for 1884. He has also been secretary of the district township of Irvington twelve years.

Source: History of Kossuth and Humboldt Counties, Iowa. 1884. Springfield, IL: Union Publishing Company.