Short News Items from 1886

A.R. Sutton, of East Saginaw, state agent for Walter A. Wood’s harvesting machine, made his brother, J.P. Sutton and family of this village a visit Thursday last. (Cheboygan Democrat, January 14, 1886)

Miss Bessie Sutton left last week for Detroit to perfect her musical training. (Cheboygan Democrat, February 2, 1886)

Mrs. S.H. Rorick has gone on a visit among old friends in Iowa. (Hand County Press, February 4, 1886)

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Short News Items from the 1870s

Mr. E.F. Sutton of Houghton made but a short visit at the Minnesota mine during the week. (Lake Superior Miner, July 23, 1870)

A.G. Walling, of the emporium, came up as a delegate to the Grand Lodge I.O.G.T. and spent several days in town. (Albany State Rights Democrat, June 13, 1873)

Mr. J.T. Rorick, of Michigan, is visiting his cousin, J.R. Armstrong of Irvington. (Algona Upper Des Moines, July 21, 1875)

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Pioneer Citizen Is Dead

Z.C. Andruss Died Friday, February 5, in Nebraska

Widow Was Sister of the Late Doctor Armstrong and Now Lives With Only Daughter.

Z.C. Andruss died Friday, February 5, at his home in Yates Center, Neb. [sic], from pneumonia.

Mr. Andruss used to own the A.P. Ives farm in Irvington township. He left this county about 14 years ago, and lived in Council Bluffs a year or two. Then he moved to Yates Center, where he continued to reside until his death.

The body was buried at Randolph, Iowa, February 7, and that day happened to be the 72nd anniversary of his birth.

Mr. Andruss left a widow and one daughter. His wife and the late Dr. J.R. Armstrong, of Irvington, were sister and brother. Mrs. Andruss is now living with her only daughter, Mrs. John W. Dilts, of Randolph.

Source: Kossuth County Advance, March 3, 1915.

Z.C. Andruss Is Dead

Pioneer Resident of Old Irvington Dies of Pneumonia at Yates Center, Kansas, February 5th.

Word came to Link Singleton last week of the death of a former resident and pioneer of Irvington township, Mr. Z.C. Andruss, who at one time owned and resided on the place now owned by A.P. Ives. Mr. Andruss died at Yates Center, Kansas, where he and his wife had lived for the past seven year, on February 5, of pneumonia. He was 72 years old and leaves a wife and one daughter, Mrs. Luella Dilts, who lives at Randolph, Iowa, where the body was taken for burial. Mrs. Andruss, who is quite feeble, will make her home with her daughter. Mr. Andruss was one of the prominent and respected men of this country twenty-five years ago. He was always a great friend of Mr. Singleton who as a boy was employed by him for some time. Many of the older residents will remember Mr. and Mrs. Andruss and their charming daughter, Miss Luella.

Source: Algona Upper Des Moines, March 3, 1915.

Sister of Pioneer Doctor Dies at 95

Mrs. Zabina [sic] Andruss, sister of the late Dr. Armstrong, pioneer Irvington doctor, died August 5, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Luella Dieltz [sic] at Randolph, Iowa. Mr. and Mrs. Andruss lived in Kossuth county years ago and built the house on the old A.P. Ives farm which is now owned by Mr. Edward Mawdsley. Mrs. Andruss was a member of the Baptist church here.

Source: Algona Upper Des Moines, August 17, 1932.

Matrimonial News from the 1890s

The Randolph, Iowa, Register says: Mr. J.W. Dilts of Randolph and Miss Luella Andruss of Irvington, Kossuth county, were married Tuesday, June 30, at the residence of the bride’s parents. The newly wedded pair arrived in Randolph Wednesday afternoon and in the evening they were tendered a reception by relatives and friends at the residence of Mr. J.H. Wylie. Later they were the recipients of a serenade from the band. Mr. and Mrs. Dilts will soon be at home to their friends on east Randolph street. The Register extends its earnest congratulations. (Algona Upper Des Moines, July 15, 1896)

TYRRELL-WALLING—In this city, June 9, at 1902 Union avenue, by Dr. Charles Edward Locke, Morton H. Tyrrell of Ferndale, Cal., to Lulu Walling of St. Louis, Mo. (San Francisco Chronicle, June 11, 1899)

Birth Announcements from the 1890s

We failed last week in “catching on” to the advent of a little visitor—a baby girl—at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Sid Rorick. Baby’s weight, seven pounds, avoirdupois. Mother and child doing well. (Anamosa Eureka, October 21, 1886)

To Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Holmes, Montgomery Street West Pittston, May 23rd, 1887, a boy. (Pittston Evening Gazette, May 24, 1887)

BORN—In this city, January 2, 1894, to Mr. and Mrs. Enos Walling, a daughter. (Idaho Statesman, January 3, 1894)

Mr. and Mrs. Z.C. Andruss of Irvington are grandparents since election day. The little boy came too late to vote this year. (Algona Upper Des Moines, November 17, 1897)

Lansing Republican: Mr. and Mrs. L.N. Baker have received a telegram announcing the birth of a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. C.M. Rorick, of Morenci. Mrs. Rorick was formerly Miss Georgia Mace, of this city. (Adrian Daily Telegram, February 13, 1899)

Short News Items from 1899

Mrs. Z.C. Andruss returned Wednesday from her visit with her daughters, Mrs. Dilts, at Randolph, Iowa. (Algona Courier, January 6, 1899)

Mrs. Z.E. Brown of Minneapolis has been visiting her brother and sister, Dr. Armstrong and Mrs. Z.C. Andruss of Irvington. (Algona Republican, January 11, 1899)

Now that Steve George has joined the army of benedicts Wat Rorick has formed a partnership with Grant Cooksey and will be able to scoop any and all fishing next spring that is if he can teach Grant how to fish as fisherman should. (The Caldwell Advance, January 19, 1899)

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Short News Items from 1898

TO KLONDIKE—A rumor comes over from Oxford Mills that a party of six will soon start from there for the gold fields of Alaska. The party will consist of V.O. Hammond, well known here; D.D. Rorick, an attorney at Oxford Junction; David and John Rorick, who come from near St. Louis, and Dr. Strevell and son. They are making preparations now to start. (Anamosa Eureka, January 13, 1898)

LuVerne News: John Dilts, son-in-law of Z.C. Andruss, has sold his home in Randolph and he and his family are coming up to spend a year at least ‘neath the parental roof. (Algona Upper Des Moines, February 16, 1898)

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