Short News Items from 1919

Jas. Burns and Miss Ida Burns returned to their home at Athol Thursday after spending a week at the Chas. Schnell home in this city [Kensington]. (The Athol Record, January 30, 1919)

Of interest to many Athens people will be the following clipping from a Fayette paper with regard to Mrs. E.H. Rorick, wife of Dr. Rorick former superintendent of the Athens State hospital: The many friends of Dr. and Mrs. E.H. Rorick of Fayette, are sending messages of sympathy and encouragement for the recovery of Mrs. Rorick from an attack of paralysis which she suffered Monday. Her friendly greetings, pleasant smile and acts of kindness have won a strong hold on the hearts of the people. She is one the county’s noblest women. The latest reports are very encouraging for her recovery. (Athens Daily Messenger, March 17, 1919)

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Business and Professional News from the 1910s

D.D. Rorick, of this city, and C.A. Robison, of Massillon, have entered into a partnership business for the transaction of law, real estate, insurance and collections, and take this means of soliciting the business of the public. There office will be in the present office of D.D. Rorick. “Dal” and “Cal” ought to make a pretty good team, and do a good business in the lines they are handling, and here’s wishing them success. (Oxford Mirror, June 2, 1910)

J.O. Walling returned Sunday from Hollister where he went to look over a position for his orchestra. Mr. Walling states that the has a good offer but it will be some time before the parties will be ready for him. (Lompoc Record, July 15, 1910)

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Wedding News from the 1910s

In compliment to Miss Merle Wood cashier of the Wesley Co., who is to marry Charles Alverson, an attaché of the Wesley Co., the lady associate workers of Miss Wood Monday evening gave her a shower in the rooms of Olive Mueller and Kathryn Miller at the home of Mrs. Traverse. There was a pleasant time socially with refreshments. Miss Wood was presented with a half dozen solid silver teaspoons by her co-workers. (Adrian Daily Telegram, January 18, 1910)

Wayland: Mr. and Mrs. Amos Mauchmar returned Sunday night from their wedding trip. (Otsego Union, January 20, 1910)

The Fraternal Brotherhood Tuesday night gave Ersel Walling and his bride a reception, supper and dance. All had an enjoyable time. (Lompoc Record, September 30, 1910)

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Untitled (Charles O. vs. Merle Alverson)

The divorce proceedings of Charles O. vs. Merle Alverson are occupying the attention of Judge C.C. Johnson and also the general public. The bill of complaint charges the defendant with having comprising relations with a local man. Mr. Alverson has been Grinnell Brothers’ representative for the past two years. An only child, Ruth, died last winter from pneumonia.

Source: Battle Creek Enquirer, January 15, 1921.

Ruth Alverson

Ruth Eleanor Alverson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Alverson, was born June 3, 1915, and died January 27, 1915, at the age of four years.

Her life may well be likened to that of a flower, given to the world for only a short time. The gradual unfolding of the bud brought many, many hours of joy into the home where her brief years were spent. It seems difficult to understand the passing of one so young unless we accept as truth the words of Carrie Jacobs Bond:

“Has the Gardener gathered my little pink rose
For His loveliest garden today?
Did he need one more blossom of your size and hue –
And that was the reason the Gard’ner chose you?”

Source: Adrian Daily Telegram, January 31, 1920.

Change of Proprietors

T.E. Randall has sold the cut rate market at 41 North Main street to Charles O. Alverson and Perry Knapp, who will remodel the store and put in a full line of groceries and meats. Mr. Alverson has had a number of years of experience in this line, and for the past five months has been in the employ of R.W. Boyd & Co., while Mr. Knapp leaves the employ of Smith & Smith, grocers of Morenci. Hereafter the store will be known as “The Ideal.” Mr. Randall is undecided with regard to his future work. Possession is given by Mr. Randall on Monday next.

Source: Adrian Daily Telegram, February 17, 1912.

Soon To Be Married

Miss Merle Wood has resigned her position as cashier for the Wesley Co., whose duties she has so capably filled, the resignation going into effect Saturday night. Miss Wood is to be married in the near future to Charles Alverson, an employe [sic] of the same concern. Miss Alice Gilson, who has been employed in the basement, is trying the work.

Source: Adrian Daily Telegram, Monday, January 24, 1910.