Business & Professional Notices from 1906

ACKERSON MARKET CO: Articles of Incorporation Filed this Week for Firm Doing Business Here. In the county clerk’s office of Sussex county, N.J. on Wednesday were filed articles incorporating the W.D. Ackerson Market Company. The capitalization authorized is $50,000, of which $10,000 is paid in. The incorporators are William D. Ackerson, Albert Klein and J. Cook Hendershot. Markets are now operated by this company at Hibernia, Newton and in this city besides some other smaller places. (Middletown Daily Times, January 26, 1906)

Columbus, O., Feb. 12 — That the trustees can not be required to admit epileptics and hopelessly deformed applicants, and that the institution is not equipped for them, is the defense that will be made by Superintendent Rorick of the state institution for the care of the feeble-minded youth, in answer to the suit filed by the sheriff of Logan county to compel him to admit Walter Reynolds, the seven-year-old Bellefontaine boy who is deaf, dumb, and blind, and has been declared an imbecile. (Coshocton Daily Age, February 12, 1906)

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Business & Professional Notices from 1893

The firm of A.J. VanBlarcom, at Newton, has dissolved partnership. Wm. D. Ackerson will continue the business. (Middletown Daily Times, August 3, 1893)

W.E. Newsom, owner of the steamer Iralda, has drawn his boat off the Portland-Oak Point route, and will soon put her on the run to Astoria in opposition to the Telephone. The Iralda will be braced up and be ballasted with fresh-water tanks to hold her steady in the water and obviate the necessity of cleaning boiler so often as they would be obliged to do if the pumps were used in the lower river. The steamer Carrie F. will be put on the Oak Point Clatskanie route in opposition to the Sarah Dixon, and connect with the Iralda at the former place. The Iralda’s time schedule has not been announced but it is understood that she will start from Portland in the morning and make the round trip to Astoria the same day, returning to Portland at about 10:00 o’clock P.M. (St. Helens Mist, November 17, 1893)

Farmer Injured Putting Up Hay

Newton, July 23.—Nelson Ackerson, a Lafayette township farmer, is recovering from severe bruises and lacerations sustained when he was accidentally caught up in a power hay fork rope while putting haw [sic] away, the hay being hauled up to the mow by horses.  Mr. Ackerson’s hand was caught in the rope and he was dragged a considerable distance and thrown on a heap of stones.

Source:  Bridgewater Courier-News, July 23, 1914.