In a Political Way (excerpt)

J.T. Rorick, manager of the Interstate Investment Company at Grand Dalles, Klickitat county, a lifelong democrat and a man of great intelligence and force, is the latest recruit to the republican ranks in that section. Mr. Rorick recently addressed a letter to the chairman of the Klickitat republican central committee, in which he gives his reason for joining with the party of sound money and progression. Since coming to the state five years ago Mr. Rorick has been prominent in the councils of the democratic party, and, while never an office-seeker, has attended all the county conventions and has been prominent in party circles. Before coming to the state he was editor of one of the influential democratic papers of Michigan.

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Business & Professional Notices from 1907

Columbus, O., March 12 — The Circuit Court has sustained Superintendent Rorick of the institution for the feeble-minded in his attitude of refusing to accept as a patient a boy, Wilbur Reynolds, who is blind deaf dumb and imbecile.  Mandamus proceedings to force him to admit the child were instituted, and it is upon these the court passed.  (Indiana Evening Gazette, March 12, 1907)

John C. Rorick of Wauseon has been appointed by Gov. Harris as member of the board of managers of the penitentiary (Coshocton Daily Age, April 2, 1907)

In the probate court yesterday Rosley [sic] Gile, guardian of Fletcher Walling, filed a final account in the estate of his [sic] ward.  A petition for the appointment of an administrator was filed in the same estate, Walling now being deceased.  (Idaho Statesman, May 9, 1907)

Falls City—W.E. Newsom, who is building the electric light plant, returned from a business trip to Portland and Ranier, Monday. The dynamo and nearly all of the supplies for the plant have arrived.  (Polk County Observer, August 16, 1907)

Business & Professional Notices from 1906

ACKERSON MARKET CO: Articles of Incorporation Filed this Week for Firm Doing Business Here. In the county clerk’s office of Sussex county, N.J. on Wednesday were filed articles incorporating the W.D. Ackerson Market Company. The capitalization authorized is $50,000, of which $10,000 is paid in. The incorporators are William D. Ackerson, Albert Klein and J. Cook Hendershot. Markets are now operated by this company at Hibernia, Newton and in this city besides some other smaller places. (Middletown Daily Times, January 26, 1906)

Columbus, O., Feb. 12 — That the trustees can not be required to admit epileptics and hopelessly deformed applicants, and that the institution is not equipped for them, is the defense that will be made by Superintendent Rorick of the state institution for the care of the feeble-minded youth, in answer to the suit filed by the sheriff of Logan county to compel him to admit Walter Reynolds, the seven-year-old Bellefontaine boy who is deaf, dumb, and blind, and has been declared an imbecile. (Coshocton Daily Age, February 12, 1906)

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Senator Rorick

A Man in Whom Adrian Has Some Interest.

Senator Rorick, of Wauseon, was in the city a short time to-day, coming fresh from his election in the Toledo district.  Mr. Rorick has many friends in Adrian who will throw aside party bias and feel delighted at his return to the Ohio Senate by a majority of nearly 6,000 in a Democratic district.  The senator has a running mate in his district, namely Senator McConica.  The first named gentleman was running against a very popular Toledo man named Brand, Senator McConica was running against McClure. Both names in each party are one ticket, but the division is virtually made as stated. The district embraces Lucas, Wood, Hancock, Fulton, Putnam and Henry counties.  Two years ago Senator Rorick was elected by 1,400 majority, and his increased vote is very flattering for the gentleman.

The senator has a daughter living here, Mrs. W.C. McConnell, and has made many acquaintances here.

Source:  Adrian Daily Telegram, November 9, 1893.

Business & Professional Notices from 1892

D.D. Rorick, secretary of the Democratic county committee, is for the district plan and against instruction. Cleveland is his first choice with Boies for second. He thinks with a free coinage plank we should carry three or four western states. (Sioux Falls Argus-Leader, May 23, 1892)

Clifford Ball, of Ballston, has been appointed a railway mail clerk for this state and expects to secure an engagement. (Oregon Statesman, June 24, 1892)

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Business & Professional Notices from 1891

Morgan Brothers of this place who secured the contract for the new town hall sub-let the wood work part of the building yesterday to S.A. Genung, the builder who refused to take the contract after it had been given him. The work of tearing down the building is being rapidly pushed, the fire tower having been taken down today. (Elmira Gazette, June 17, 1891)

The Woodbury Business college has added a telegraphic department. Mr. William Rorick, an operator in the Santa Fe offices, has been engaged as superintendent. (Los Angeles Daily Herald, July 19, 1891)

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Business & Professional Notices from 1890

John [sic] T. Rorick, the late democratic postmaster of Bad Axe, was responsible for a registered letter which disappeared about the day that his republican successor took charge of affairs. A government official accused Rorick with having the letter and the democratic ex-official finally produced the missing missive. (Muskegon Chronicle, May 9, 1890)

T.A.E. and J.C. Weadock have commenced suit on behalf of J.T. Rorick, formerly postmaster at Bad Axe against the Detroit Tribune for $5,000 damages for alleged libel. During Mr. Rorick’s term of office a registered letter was lost and in referring to the matter the Detroit Tribune intimated that the postmaster knew where it was. (Bay City Evening Press, May 26, 1890)

Business & Professional Notices from the 1880s

HUDSON, October 3.—The Democrats of the third Lenawee County Representative District, assembled in convention at Clayton to-day, nominated C. Rorick, of Seneca, for the State Legislature. (Detroit Free Press, October 4, 1882)

Rev. Dr. Joseph Ford Sutton has been called to the Murray Hill (Presbyterian) church, New York city, to succeed Dr. Burchard, and installed. (Washington Evening Star, January 2, 1886)

Wat Rorick is now assisting Postmaster Beeson in his book store. Wat is a steady, reliable clerk and is the kind of man that always finds some position open for him. (Caldwell Advance, November 3, 1887)

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Untitled (J.P. Sutton)

As is well known to most of our citizens, J.P. Sutton since the first week in July, has been doing more or less business as justice of the peace, upon the strength of a certificate of election signed by C.A. Gallagher, chairman of the board of inspectors at the spring election in the township of Benton. Recently Wm. Hudson was arrested for some offense, and was tried before would-be justice Sutton, and by him committed to jail. Wednesday, upon petition by F.H. Fife as attorney, a writ of habeas corpus was issued in behalf of Hudson, and a hearing had before Circuit Court Commissioner Frost, and the prisoner discharged upon the showing made by his attorney that Mr. Sutton was not legally acting, not having been elected to the office. The result has been that two others have commenced suit against Mr. Sutton and Marshall Paquette for false imprisonment, both having been committed under similar circumstances, and we understand that other suits are likely to follow.

Source: Cheboygan Northern Tribune, August 26, 1882.

Short News Items from 1881

Joseph Ayres, of Bruce, a member of the board of supervisors for the past 25 years, has been presented with a gold headed cane by his fellow members of the board. (Port Huron Times Herald, March 8, 1881)

E.S.B. Sutton, of Sault Ste. Marie, Judge of Probate for Chippewa county, arrived in the village about 11 o’clock Wednesday night, making the trip from the Sault here in 24 hours. (Cheboygan Northern Tribune, March 27, 1881)

E.S.B. Sutton came down on the Ste. Marie Thursday and spent the night in this village. He left yesterday via the inland route on his way to visit his sister, Mrs. D.W. Bennett. (Cheboygan Northern Tribune, June 18, 1881)