Two Mistakes.

To say that the Tribune was surprised to hear that Mr. Jesse Walling of Nampa was knocking the Government Reclamation project, is putting it very mild. We have known Mr. Walling for a number of years and have always found him a most estimable gentleman, as well as a most enterprising and progressive citizen. Owing to his standing in Canyon County, we have devoted some space in our last issue to statements alleged to have been made by him. Had the statements come from a man of less importance, we would have ignored them. We feel that we have done Mr. Walling an injustice and owe him an apology. This we do now. However, The Tribune cannot make itself believe that the affidavits published in the last issues of the Nampa Leader-Herald state all the facts in the case. Those affidavits completely exonerate Mr. Walling, but they do not complete the case. As we understood the case, the three men mentioned in our last issue visited Nampa, and were shown all over the county. In talking with a Mr. Manning they were told of the unsafety of the Deer Flat dam and also of the danger from Nampa. These men also talked with Mr. Walling about other matters. When they got to Caldwell the two names had become confused in their minds, and in relating the matter to several Caldwell persons, spoke of Walling instead of Manning. This mistake might easily be made by strangers as the names are something alike. The Tribune has ample evidence to prove that the gentlemen told the story reported in the last issue. We are glad, however, to correct the error, both the gentlemen and The Tribune made, and to apologize to the people of Nampa and to Mr. Walling.

Source: Caldwell Tribune, March 21, 1908.

Right-of-Way Along Columbia.

Northern Pacific Agent Gets Deeds in Escrow.

WALLA WALLA, June 2.—Since the departure of J.T. Rorick, the right-of-way agent for the Columbia River Navigation company, who has headquarters at The Dalles, the people of Walla Walla wonder if a railroad will be built down the north bank of the Columbia to Vancouver. Last week Mr. Rorick was in the city and endeavored to obtain options on certain pieces of ground opposite Blalock’s and Arlington, Ore. The owners, who are Walla Walla residents, refused to give options, but consented to place in escrow in one of the banks of this city the deeds to the land after a deposit was made. The deposits were made and the deeds placed in the bank to be taken out and paid for in full on July 1.

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Parole List To Be Signed

Dr. E.H. Rorick, medical member of the State Board of Administration, announced he would sign the list of 63 paroles recommended by Mrs. Margaret McNamara, matron of the Delaware Girls’ Industrial Home. Dr. Rorick recently refused to sign the list, saying he had discovered that a number of the girls on parole had given birth to illegitimate children and their maternity expenses had been paid by the state. Dr. Rorick said he merely refused to sign the parole list in order to direct attention.

Source: Fulton County Tribune, September 1, 1916.

Important Appointment

Dr. E.H. Rorick of Fayette Made Member of Board of Administration—Qualifications and Efficient Service Record Won Appointment—Board Controls Eighteen State Institutions

Dr. E.H. Rorick of Fayette, was appointed a member of the State Board of Administration by Governor Willis Monday. This board manages and controls the eighteen state institutions which include the hospital for the insane, epiliptics [sic], the Institution for the Feeble Minded, the penitentiary, reformatory and the boys and girls industrial schools. The pay roll of the employees under their control amounts to more than a million and one half dollars, annually. The total sum to be expended annually by this board is nearly five million dollars.

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Good News

Mr. John C. Rorick received a telephone message from Hon. F.H. Reighard Wednesday afternoon informing him that the bill authorizing County Commissioners to appropriate funds to help build Soldier’s Monuments, located on County property, had passed the house by a unanimous vote. There is a question in regard to this bill passing the Senate.

Source: Fulton County Tribune, April 2, 1915.

Harmon Now Wants The Scalp Of Dr. Rorick

Ignoring Board of Trustees Wrote To Rorick For Resignation.


Dr. Rorick Had Given His Resignation To the Board of Trustees on March 10th, to Become Effective Whenever They Or the Governor Saw Fit to Make a Change—Place Hunters Must Be Appeased.

Athens, O., May 20.—Governor Harmon has written a letter to Dr. E.H. Rorick, superintendent of the Athens State Hospital here, asking for his resignation. Dr. Rorick, however, had handed in his resignation to the board of trustees under the date of March 10, the same to take effect whenever the powers that be so decided that they wanted his office to hand out to some place hunter.

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In a Political Way (excerpt)

J.T. Rorick, manager of the Interstate Investment Company at Grand Dalles, Klickitat county, a lifelong democrat and a man of great intelligence and force, is the latest recruit to the republican ranks in that section. Mr. Rorick recently addressed a letter to the chairman of the Klickitat republican central committee, in which he gives his reason for joining with the party of sound money and progression. Since coming to the state five years ago Mr. Rorick has been prominent in the councils of the democratic party, and, while never an office-seeker, has attended all the county conventions and has been prominent in party circles. Before coming to the state he was editor of one of the influential democratic papers of Michigan.

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Business & Professional Notices from 1907

Columbus, O., March 12 — The Circuit Court has sustained Superintendent Rorick of the institution for the feeble-minded in his attitude of refusing to accept as a patient a boy, Wilbur Reynolds, who is blind deaf dumb and imbecile.  Mandamus proceedings to force him to admit the child were instituted, and it is upon these the court passed.  (Indiana Evening Gazette, March 12, 1907)

John C. Rorick of Wauseon has been appointed by Gov. Harris as member of the board of managers of the penitentiary (Coshocton Daily Age, April 2, 1907)

In the probate court yesterday Rosley [sic] Gile, guardian of Fletcher Walling, filed a final account in the estate of his [sic] ward.  A petition for the appointment of an administrator was filed in the same estate, Walling now being deceased.  (Idaho Statesman, May 9, 1907)

Falls City—W.E. Newsom, who is building the electric light plant, returned from a business trip to Portland and Ranier, Monday. The dynamo and nearly all of the supplies for the plant have arrived.  (Polk County Observer, August 16, 1907)

Business & Professional Notices from 1906

ACKERSON MARKET CO: Articles of Incorporation Filed this Week for Firm Doing Business Here. In the county clerk’s office of Sussex county, N.J. on Wednesday were filed articles incorporating the W.D. Ackerson Market Company. The capitalization authorized is $50,000, of which $10,000 is paid in. The incorporators are William D. Ackerson, Albert Klein and J. Cook Hendershot. Markets are now operated by this company at Hibernia, Newton and in this city besides some other smaller places. (Middletown Daily Times, January 26, 1906)

Columbus, O., Feb. 12 — That the trustees can not be required to admit epileptics and hopelessly deformed applicants, and that the institution is not equipped for them, is the defense that will be made by Superintendent Rorick of the state institution for the care of the feeble-minded youth, in answer to the suit filed by the sheriff of Logan county to compel him to admit Walter Reynolds, the seven-year-old Bellefontaine boy who is deaf, dumb, and blind, and has been declared an imbecile. (Coshocton Daily Age, February 12, 1906)

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Senator Rorick

A Man in Whom Adrian Has Some Interest.

Senator Rorick, of Wauseon, was in the city a short time to-day, coming fresh from his election in the Toledo district.  Mr. Rorick has many friends in Adrian who will throw aside party bias and feel delighted at his return to the Ohio Senate by a majority of nearly 6,000 in a Democratic district.  The senator has a running mate in his district, namely Senator McConica.  The first named gentleman was running against a very popular Toledo man named Brand, Senator McConica was running against McClure. Both names in each party are one ticket, but the division is virtually made as stated. The district embraces Lucas, Wood, Hancock, Fulton, Putnam and Henry counties.  Two years ago Senator Rorick was elected by 1,400 majority, and his increased vote is very flattering for the gentleman.

The senator has a daughter living here, Mrs. W.C. McConnell, and has made many acquaintances here.

Source:  Adrian Daily Telegram, November 9, 1893.