Fine Plums

A. Carothers & Co. presented to this office a fine lot of plums, the largest and most delicious we have ever seen. They were from the Willamotte [sic] Nursery, belonging to G.W. Walling, for which Carothers & Co. are agents. The fruit is of a light purple color and as large as a medium sized peach.

Source: Albany State Rights Democrat, August 9, 1872.

Local Dairy Sold

Bird Loosley and John Auten have purchased the cows, equipment and route of the Stiles Dairy, and will operate the concern as the Klamath Dairy. The new owners will move the dairy to the old Straw property in Fairview addition, owned by Mr. Loosley.

Source:  Klamath Falls Evening Herald, November 18, 1915. 

Dry Goods Change

W.C. McConnell To Go East To Maumee Street

Into New Store Building

To Be Erected By The Commonwealth Company.

Will Have Two Floors, and a Basement to Accommodate His Stock of Goods

W.C. McConnell, for many years the proprietor of the dry goods house on the corner of Winter and Maumee streets, has decided to move his establishment to a new location on East Maumee street, where he has leased the building to be put up in the near future by the Commonwealth company for a term of years. Though the plans for the building have not been actually adopted as yet it is understood that the building is to be completed by the first of March, at which time Mr. McConnell contemplates moving.

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Twenty-Five Years

W.C. McConnell Has Been In Business In Adrian

He Has Been Successful and Has One of the Largest Stores in This City

Twenty-five years ago Sunday a merchant opened his doors to the public in the Masonic Temple and since that day has continued to conduct a dry goods business in the Maple City. This merchant was W.C. McConnell, a business man, well known over the county, a man with a reputation for fair dealing and endowed with good business ability.

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Will Retire

Dr. E.H. Rorick Will Leave Institution Life Forever, After May 15.

At the meeting of the board of trustees of the State Institution for the Care of Imbeciles, Friday, it was arranged that the retiring superintendent, Dr. E.H. Rorick, should sever his connection with the institution on May 15. Dr. Rorick, speaking of his determination to quit the public service, said: “I would have remained but for the desire on the part of Mrs. Rorick that we get out of the work. I have been engaged in institution management eleven years, and my experience in the position I am about to vacate has been most pleasant. We will retire to my farm in Fulton county, and spend the balance of our days. My successor, Dr. E.J. Emerick, has my best wishes for his success. I believe he will be found to be the right man in the right place.”

Source: Athens Daily Messenger, April 20, 1907.

A New Location

W.C. McConnell Has Leased the Metcalf Stand


Expects to get Moved the Last of This Month

The question as to whether the Metcalf dry goods store would continue to be run in the Metcalf name was answered Tuesday night in the negative, W.C. McConnell having closed a three-year lease with the privilege of ten, with David Metcalf, the proprietor of the building.  This stand has been occupied for over 25 years by the Metcalf stock of dry goods, and as Mr. McConnell’s location in the Masonic temple seemed inadequate to his wants, it was an opportune time to make a change.

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Why is it?

Why will our friends run the risk of becoming blind by wearing common spectacles, when they can procure the most perfect article that has yet been made, by calling on H.C. Rorick, the well known stationer, and get a pair of LeMare’s spectacles. Don’t delay!

Source: Dover Iron Era, October 31, 1885.