Birthday Party

Mrs. G.H. Rorick entertained with a three course dinner at her home on Lagrange St., Thursday, at 5 o’clock, the occasion being the birthday of her eldest grand-daughter, Miss Frances Edith Rorick. The living and dining rooms were tastefully decorated with St. Patrick emblems and colors. The dining table was centered with a large white birthday cake, with 11 green candles. Silver candle sticks supporting green candles, dainty bon-bon cups in white and green with St. Patrick emblems, completed and unusually dainty table setting. Covers were laid for Mrs. Ada Kennedy, Miss Rorick’s Sunday School teacher, and Mrs. Franie Garber, her day school teacher, the Misses Alliene Spencer, Virginia Sims, Ardith Buckley, Alice Jean Munro, Evalyn Skinner, Ola Collins, Margery Willsberg, Avis Goodremont, Allyne Spangler, Donelda Zaerr, Audrey Miller, Margaret Rorick and Mable King. After dinner games and guessing were enjoyed, St. Patrick with his pipe giving much amusement.

Source: Morenci Observer, March 15, 1923.


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