No Trace Of Jackson


Wife of Missing Man Submitted no Statement to The Statesman for Publication

There was no further news yesterday in the case of the disappearance of Thomas B. Jackson, who was last seen on Saturday and has not since been heard from.

Mrs. Jackson is credited with having stated on Monday that she had heard from her husband and that he was alive and well, but in a statement made yesterday this claim is contradicted and there the matter stands.

Mrs. Jackson submitted no statement to The Statesman for publication anent the matter at any time with the exception of a four line notice which she declined to permit to be put into readable newspaper English and which her emissary was told at the time was not in suitable form for publication and in that form would not be published.

Any number of local persons familiar with the circumstances of the Jackson menage have gone out of their way to assure The Statesman that the article as first published reflected actual conditions as they existed. Considerable sympathy is expressed for Mr. Jackson.

Source: Idaho Daily Statesman, February 9, 1910.


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