Patent Butter Breaker

J.C. Rorick, Proprietor: Among the multitudinous and important inventions of this age, this Butter Breaker stands unrivaled in excellence and popularity. This machine was patented in the month of June, 1874, and is the best butter worker ever introduced. High encomiums are pronounced upon it by all who have witnessed its works. It is now in successful operation by G.W. Hull & Bro., of this place, who pronounce it a perfect success in every particular. The machine is entirely new in its construction and is a model of cleanliness—not a particle of iron coming in contact with the butter, or a crevice existing in any of its parts for the lodgement of butter to become rancid. The butter itself is forced through a screen, and is the only butter worker, except the celebrated Dake machine, that works upon the same plan, and it all probability ever will be, as the Dake patent and the one we speak of cover all the principles that can be employed to force butter through a screen. Mr. Rorick has made arrangements to manufacture them in large numbers and they will be immediately put upon the market. Mr. R. is a gentleman possessing ample means, and energy, and will undoubtedly realize a handsome fortune from his invention, as its merits will secure its universal adoption, if properly handled.

Source: Fulton County Republican, July 9, 1874.


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