William Bross Died In Camp

Taken Ill After Glorious Service in Battle

Mr. F.W. Bross, of 53 King street, Port Jervis, received a telegram from Washington that it was officially reported and the authorities deeply regret to inform him of the death of his son, Private William E. Bross, of 307th F.A. who died on February 10 of broncho pneumonia. The telegram was signed by Harris, adjutant general.

Private William E. Bross left here last April and was in the France the first of June and saw a great deal of fighting and was shelling the Germans when the order came to cease firing when the armistice was signed.

In a letter received two weeks ago he said he was well and in good health and expected to soon be home. He was in the 78th division at Simua, France.

This is sad news and the man friends of the family extend their deepest sympathy and hope that the fact that the young man died after glorious service for his country will be of some comfort and consolation to them.

Source: Port Jervis Evening Gazette, February 21, 1919.

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