Short News Items from 1956

Mr. and Mrs. Halden Mauchmar have moved into the tenant house of the Earl Page farm. Mrs. Mauchmar is the niece of Mr. Page and the couple will manage the farm for their uncle. (Allegan News Gazette, March 15, 1956)

Relatives spent last Monday in the home of Mrs. Winifred Porritt: Mrs. Ray Whims and two daughters of Lansing; Mrs. Earl Alleman of Oxford; Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lee Porritt of Clarkston; Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Porritt and daughter, Dawn, and another daughter, Mrs. Don McCool and children. Mrs. McCool with her family will soon leave for Germany where they are to join Mr. McCool who is in the Service. (Clarkston News, October 18, 1956)


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