Short News Items from 1935

A birthday dinner in honor of Mrs. Mabel Briner was given at her home, February 20. Guests were: Mr. and Mrs. C.A. McGrew, Mrs. Ella Mae McGrew, Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Briner and daughter, Rose Elfa, Mrs. Elfa Green, and a sister of Mrs. Briner who is visiting her from Portland. (Medford Mail Tribune, February 22, 1935)

Mrs. Clara Chrysler, Mrs. Fred Donnally and daughter Deborah Jane, Miss Helen Chrysler, Columbus, and Mrs. Karl Eschman, Granville, spent Sunday and Monday with Mrs. Ella Frazier and other relatives. Mrs. Chrysler is a sister of Mrs. Frazier. (Zanesville Times Record, November 13, 1935)


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