A Bad Runaway

Miss Etta Ayers Sustained Painful Injuries Yesterday

During the funerals yesterday several horses took fright, among them one being one driven by Miss Etta Ayers and companion, Joe Griffith. The animal ran away on North Sixth street and came south across the bridge. Near the south end of the structure the buggy collided with another occupied by Earl Dykeman and June Twells and Miss Ayers was thrown out. Dr. Jordan happened to be driving past and he assisted the young woman to her home near there where he applied the proper restoratives, and it is thought the victim of the runaway will be all right in a few days. The driver of the horse, Joe Griffith, was not injured, although the buggy was badly damaged. The other buggy is also in the repair shop. Both horses and rigs belong to Ketcham, the liveryman.

Source: Logansport Pharos-Tribune, November 6, 1899.

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