Cannot Stand Fusionism

Lifelong Democrat Will Support Republican Principles.

J.T. Rorick, of Klickitat County, Sends a Letter to the Chairman of the Central Committee—His Reason for Leaving Fusion Ranks

GOLDENDALE, Oct. 25.—J.T. Rorick, manager of the Interstate Investment Company at Grand Dalles, Klickitat county, a lifelong Democrat and a man of great intelligence and force, is the latest recruit to the Republic ranks in this section. Mr. Rorick recently addressed a letter to Hon. W.B. Presby, chairman of the Republic central committee, in this city, in which he gives his reason for joining with the party of sound money and progression. Since coming to the state five years ago Mr. Rorick has been prominent in the councils of the Democratic party, and, while never an office-seeker, has attended all the county conventions and has been prominent in the party councils. Before coming to the state he was editor of one of the influential Democratic papers of Michigan. His letter to Chairman Presby is as follows:

“Mr. Dear Sir: In response to your request that I make a public declaration of my purpose to support the Republican ticket at the coming election, together with some of my reasons, I will say that I have decided to comply therewith, thereby to set at rest any local queries, and that my action may not be misunderstood.

“I have been a lifelong Democrat. Two years ago I submitted to the will of the majority of my party in convention assemble to the scheme of fusion and obliteration of party name, and supported the platform adopted and ticket then nominated, largely because I was unwilling to sever the political associations of a lifetime, and the prejudice to all things Republican that only a Democrat can feel.

“I have always been a believer in sound money, and I then believed and hoped that my party would recover from its lapse of name and traditions and return to the principles that had always guided it in the past. It is apparent that it has committed itself absolutely to flatism [sic], cheap money and loss identity. I cannot follow it.

“Up till 1896 the Democratic party had always favored the circulation of gold and silver at a parity, but had also recognized the fact that the mint ratio must correspond to the commercial. Thomas Jefferson said: ‘Just principles will lead us to disregard legal proportions altogether, to inquire into the market price of gold in the several countries with which we shall principally be connected in commerce, and to take and average from them.’ That is to say, under free coinage the value of the coin must be the commercial value of the metal form which it is made. The Democratic party, from its foundation until 1896, never favored the free coinage of a dollar that did not contain 100 cents of metal. The ratio of 16 to 1 under existing conditions therefore means silver monometalism, depreciated currency and commercial chaos.

“But, apart from this, the fusion party has committed itself to principles which are subversive of constitutional government. The right of contract and the integrity of the supreme court guaranteed is assailed.

“It has also committed itself to the single tax theory, which means, in substance, that the farmers and land-holders shall pay all the taxes, and that all personal property, including money, corporation stocks, improvements on land and everything apart from the soil itself, shall be free from taxation.

“I do not feel that I can longer remained identified with the fusionists or give them even passive assent to their doctrines, and until the democratic party in this state shall have been resurrected and have returned to its time-honored principles, I will support the party which represents sound money and a strict adherence to the principles of the constitution. Very truly yours. J.T. Rorick”

Source: Seattle Daily Intelligencer, October 26, 1898.


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