Short News Items from 1933

Mr. and Mrs. M.S. Meeks has as guests Tuesday afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Ech [sic] Rorick and Charles Rorick*, who had driven up from The Dalles, Oregon, and found their trip through the valley most delightful because of the wonderful advancement shown. Their father, Judge J.T. Rorick, who died last August, always showed a keen interest in this section of the country. (White Bluffs Spokesman, April 6, 1933).

About 20 neighbors and friends of Mrs. William Furman met at her home east of Canandaigua Thursday to spend the day with her. A potluck dinner was served on the porch and the afternoon was spent playing bridge. Mrs. Sidney Perry won first honors and Mrs. Jay Call second. Guests from away were Mr. and Mrs. William Strobeck and Mrs. Estella Payne of Devils lake and Mrs. Hattie Hayford of West Adrian. Mrs. Furman who has been in poor health for some time remains about the same. (Adrian Daily Telegram, August19, 1933)

Mrs. George Rorick Clarke entertained the officers and committee chairmen of the Oneonta Lyric Club at a lovely luncheon at her home, 1931 Marengo avenue, Tuesday, November 21. (South Pasadena Foothill Review, November 24, 1933)

*”Charles” Rorick must be a typo, but it’s unclear who this is a reference to.


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