Short News Items from 1930

Miss Belle Beardslee has returned from Ann Arbor after spending the winter with her sister, Mrs. Carrie Larned. (Clarkston News, May 16, 1930)

Miss Marian Beardslee, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Grant Beardslee, of Clarkston, a pupil in the Pontiac High School, was recently award a gold medal for having done the best work in the fourth year Latin class. Members of the class elected Miss Beardslee for the honor and the medal was presented by James H. Harris, superintendent of schools. (Clarkston News, June 6, 1930)

Friday evening the members of the eighth grade surprised their classmate, Miss Lillian Beardslee, with a pot-luck supper and later served ice cream and cake. (Clarkston News, June 20, 1930)

Lute Sutton, of Orion, spent Tuesday with his cousin, S.T. Beardslee. (Clarkston News, July 18, 1930)

Fred Beardslee, of Grand Rapids, and brother, Roll Beardslee, of Detroit are visiting their cousins, S.T. and Grant Beardslee. (Clarkston News, July 18, 1930)

Mr. and Mrs. S.T. Beardslee entertained recently: Mr. and Mrs. R.B. Tarr, Mr. and Mrs. E.T. McNeil, of Pontiac, Mrs. Carrie Larned and Miss Elva McNeil, of Ann Abor. (Clarkston News, July 18, 1930)

Mrs. Carrie Larned, of Ann Arbor, is spending a few days with her sister, Miss Belle Beardslee. (Clarkston News, July 25, 1930)

Mrs. P.H. Spear celebrated her 90th birthday anniversary Sunday in her home on East Main Street. She received many flowers and gifts, including a handsome birthday cake from her nieces, Mrs. A.V. Foster of Toledo and Mrs. G.H. Crane of Fayette. Letters and telegrams of congratulations were received from relatives in South Pasadena, Cal., New York City and other places. (Adrian Daily Telegram, October 2, 1930)

Ivadell Beardslee has had one hundred in spelling all this year. (Clarkston News, October 10, 1930)

Mr. and Mrs. Grant Beardslee had as dinner guests Thanksgiving, Mr. and Mrs. S.T. Beardslee, Mrs. Carrie Vorhees of Clarkston, and Mrs. Grant Beardslee’s brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Sorrel. (Clarkston News, December 5, 1930)

The Porritts, Earl Allemans and Mr. and Mrs. Sam Alleman spent Thursday in Saginaw with Mrs. S.R. Whims. (Clarkston News, December 5, 1930)


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