Short News Items from 1926

Jess Spiers, who lives on the R.W. Wood ranch, is lambing his sheep and on account of the good weather expects a hundred per cent crop. (Red Bluff Sentinel and Weekly News, March 5, 1926)

Lewis Converse has closed his home in Morenci, since the death of his wife the past week, and has gone to Fayette, where he will make his home with his daughter, Mrs. Wm. Mansfield. (Morenci, Observer, July 8, 1926)

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Guss and daughter Helen were in Morenci Tuesday to attend the funeral of their aunt, Mrs. Lew Converse. (Morenci Observer, July 8, 1926)

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lee Porritt were given a surprise reception at the home of Mr. Porritt’s parents, by thirty of their friends and neighbors on their return from their wedding trip to Niagara Falls. The evening was spent socially and with music, after which ice cream and cake was served. A purse was presented to the young couple, who will be at home in Clarkston after September 1. (Oxford Leader, July 23, 1926)

Mr. and Mrs. S.E. Rorick celebrated the former’s 75th birthday anniversary at their home last week. Later in the evening Mr. and Mrs. S.M. Bonar entertained in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Rorick. (Quad City Times, November 15, 1926)


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