Short News Items from 1916

A letter from Johnnie Wallace states that he won the championship wrestle at the deaf school on Christmas day. In speaking of the affair he writes: “In the afternoon at 1:30 Ben and I began to wrestle and at 1:55 Ben threw me down. We rested 5 minutes and at 2:00 we started to wrestle again, and at 2:15 I threw Ben down. We rested another 5 minutes and at 2:20 we started on the final. I threw him down quickly and he got hurt and gave up. Another boy has challenged me and I must defend the titles, so I will wrestle him next May. (Nezperce Herald, January 6, 1916)

Mrs. Ben Wiseman departed Tuesday for Sioux Falls for a visit with her brother, Don McGugin, who is studying dentistry there under Dr. Gorman, formerly of Pierre. (Pierre Weekly Free Press, March 2, 1916)

Kenneth Spear, son of Mr. and Mrs. E.E. Spear, left Tuesday for Rose City, Ogemaw county, where he has purchased a farm of 160 acres. Mr. Spear will carry on his farm and keep bachelor’s hall. (Adrian Daily Telegram, March 22, 1916)

Don McGugin, son of S.D. McGugin of this city, underwent an operation for nasal trouble at Rochester, Minn., last week. (Pierre Weekly Free Press, March 23, 1916)

Don McGugin of Sioux Falls is visiting at his home here. (Pierre Weekly Free Press, April 20, 1916)

The Misses Beulah McCarty, of Kamiah, and Maisie Rude, of Quartzburg, who have been students at the Lewiston State Normal the past year, are the house guests of Mr. and Mrs. Chancey Wallace for this week. (Nezperce Herald, June 8, 1916)

Belmond, July 5.—David Rorick and family, of Oceanside, Cal., arrived last week to attend a reunion of the Tyrrell family, to be held at the home of W.C. Tyrrell, Jr., south of Belmond. (Marshalltown Evening Times-Republican, July 5, 1916)

Dr. E.H. Rorick of Columbus, O., J.C. Rorick of Wauseon, O., and L.C. [sic] Converse of Morenci, with their wives, were callers on Mr. and Mrs. Carl Guss and family Tuesday afternoon, Mrs. Guss being their niece. (Adrian Daily Telegram, July 31, 1916)

Misses Mary and Florence Bryant, also Gerald Bryant of Seneca, Mich., visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Guss and family. (Adrian Daily Telegram, July 31, 1916)

Carl Guss is having a new well dug in his north woods. (Adrian Daily Telegram, July 31, 1916)

A complete and happy surprise was given Mrs. J.C. Rorick last Saturday evening on the occasion of her 73rd birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Rorick were entertained at luncheon by Mrs. C.E. Bennett where they remained until nearly evening when on returning home they found friends had prepared an elaborate six o’clock dinner. The house was beautifully decorated; pink and white being the color scheme. Covers were laid for twelve. The out of town guests were Mrs. J.S. Brailey and Mrs. Angel of Toledo. (Fulton County Tribune, September 1, 1916)

Herbert Cawley of Roswell, N.M., came the first of the week to visit his father, P.F. Cawley. (Adrian Daily Telegram, September 16, 1916)

Mrs. Hector Moore and Miss Helen Moore of Salem were Saturday guests of Mrs. H.P. Shriver. (Polk County Observer, September 19, 1916)

Mr. and Mrs. John Rorick start Monday for a two weeks trip in New York. They will visit a nephew in Buffalo, friends and relatives in and near Elmira and last but not least their great granddaughter the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wallace D. McLean of New York City. Mrs. McLean will be remembered among Wauseon people as Miss Ada McConnell. (Fulton County Tribune, October 6, 1916)

Dr. E.H. Rorick of the State Board of Administration Mrs. Rorick and Mr. and Mrs. Terry Sullivan with their daughter Mary Susan and son Eftell [sic] of Fayette motored here yesterday. Dr. and Mrs. Rorick are guests until Sunday at the Athens State Hospital and Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan and children are visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. Clyde Edmundson until next week. (Athens Daily Messenger, October 28, 1916)

Miss Jennie Van Sickle has returned to her home on Sussex street after a pleasant two weeks passed at the home of her sister, Mrs. Chas. O. Wilkin, at Jeffersonville. (Port Jervis Union, November 13, 1916)


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