Short News Items from 1910

While sewing potato sacks Fred Beardslee ran the needle in his first finger. Blood poisoning followed ten days later and Beardslee is now nursing a very painful hand. (Oxford Leader, March 25, 1910)

Mrs. E.H. Rorick left Tuesday morning for her home in The Dalles. (Condon Globe, April 22, 1910)

Orley Tilley attended band practice at Kimberly this week. (Twin Falls Times, April 28, 1910)

Mr. and Mrs. O.D. Tilley left recently for Portland, Ore., where they plan to spend ten days with relatives. (Twin Falls News, June 12, 1910)

J. O. Walling returned Sunday from Rollister, where he went to look over a position for his orchestra. Mr. Walling states that he has a good offer, but It will be some time before the parties will be ready for him. (San Luis Obispo Daily Telegram, July 20, 1910)

Herbert Cawley, former clerk in the Rorick hardware store, is reported ill at Detroit, where he is an employee of the Standard Scale Co. His father P.F. Cawley of Fayette went there Sunday. (Adrian Daily Telegram, November 1, 1910)

S.D. McGugin left Sunday for a few days visit in the Twin Cities. (Pierre Weekly Free Press, December 1, 1910)

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