Short News Items from 1909

Miss Edythe Myers is spending a week with her uncle, Mr. Scott Rochelle of Black Lick. (Columbus Sunday Dispatch, March 28, 1909)

Charles Palmer cut his hand severely while working at the mill. (Clare Sentinel, May 14, 1909)

Mr. and Mrs. Bert Walling are the guests of Mrs. Fannie Walling in Lodi. (Oakland Tribune, May 26, 1909)

Mr. and Mrs. Emmet Van Sickle, of Port Jervis, N.Y., and Earl Leppert, of Little Falls, N.Y., have been guests at the home of Charles Van Sickle, of Warren street. (Pittston Gazette, June 2, 1909)

Miss Ida Burns went to the U.B. hospital at Beatrice, Nebr., last Thursday. She underwent an operation Friday morning. She is reported doing nicely at this writing. We sincerely hope she will enjoy better health hereafter. (The Athol Record, June 3, 1909)

Marion Sutton visited Eugene and Elias Groover over Sunday. (Oxford Leader, June 11, 1909)

Mrs. W.C. Tyrrell, Beaumont, Texas, Mrs. J.W. Garth and two sons, Clarion, Iowa, and Mrs. Strevell of Oxford Mills, Iowa, are guests of Mr. and Mrs. David Rorick, having arrived Sunday. (Oceanside Blade, June 19, 1909)

Mrs. Lee Porritt was in Oxford Tuesday having dental work done. (Oxford Leader, September 3, 1909)

Mr. and Mrs. B.S. O’Brien entertained quite a distinguished party at dinner yesterday, including Governor R.S. Vessey and two daughters, Misses Verna and Bernice Vessey, and S.D. McGugin and children, Miss Edith and Donald McGugin, of Pierre, and Secretary of State S.C. Polley, of Deadwood. (Lead Daily Call, September 7, 1909)

Earl Goodrich, son of the deceased Mrs. Emma Goodrich, is being cared for by his aunt, Mrs. H.J. Clark. The child is suffering from blood poisoning caused by running a nail into one hand. (Adrian Daily Telegram, October 27, 1909)

Mr. O.S. Pomeroy is expected to arrive from Washington where he has been living the past two years. The pioneers will be glad to welcome the family back to Kimberly and hope they will remain. (Twin Falls Weekly News, October 29, 1909)

Mrs. E.E. Buckner of Flint is the guest of her brother, G.W. Palmer and family. (Clare Sentinel, November 12, 1909)

Marion Sutton of Fenton, who is visiting his son at Town Corners, was a caller here Tuesday. (Oxford Leader, December 24, 1909)


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