Short News Items from 1908

Mr. and Mrs. John Clemans of Peru came down to Nemaha last Saturday evening, returning Monday afternoon. (Nebraska Advertiser, January 10, 1908)

A recent letter from Superintendent Jas. Watson of the deaf and dumb school at Boise, states that the last time doctors dressed Johnnie Wallace’s left arm they removed a bone splinter ad is their opinion that the same will now heal rapidly. The arm will be placed in a plaster cast which will allow the patient much more freedom of the same. (Nezperce Herald, March 19, 1908)

Mr. and Mrs. Ira Groover, of Pontiac, spent yesterday in Flint today, as the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ross D. Groover, of West First street. (Flint Journal, April 29, 1908)

Isadore Beardslee, of Rochester, here Saturday. (Oxford Leader, March 20, 1908)

A letter from Dr. J. Watson, superintendent of the deaf and dumb school at Boise, states that at last Johnnie Wallace has fully recovered the use of both his arms, which were broken the 9th of last January by his falling off a balustrade and striking a chair. During this time he has been denied the pleasure of playing with his schoolmates, for fear of his arms being injured in some way, and he has been treated much the same as a little child, but, the letter, states, he has borne it all very manfully and is rejoicing that the time is drawing near when he will be home to spending his summer vacation. Johnnie is expected home the forepart of June. (Nezperce Herald, May 21, 1908)

Mr. and Mrs. Ross D. Groover have returned to Flint after a few days’ visit in this city. (Detroit Free Press, May 27, 1908)

Virla Wallace left Wednesday for a visit with friends in Spokane, says the Nez Perce Herald. (Spokane Chronicle, June 1, 1908)

Virla Wallace returned home Monday night from a week’s visit to Spokane. (Nezperce Herald, June 4, 1908)

David Rorick, accompanied by his family and his wife’s mother, Mrs. Tyrrell, left Monday for a trip to Yosemite valley and points north. (Oceanside Blade, July 18, 1908)

Mrs. C. McCarty and Earl moved up from their ranch near Kamiah the forepart of the week and will live in the Englehorn property this winter. (Nezperce Herald, October 1, 1908)

J.C. Kidman, once a resident of Beadle county and postmaster a number of years at Lakeside, returned to Cavour on Thursday from his home at Adrian, Mich. Mr. Kidman says of some of the old residents of Beadle in that part of world: John L. Gallup is living at Sears, Mich., as is also W.Z. Nichols, who is in very poor health; Harp Gallup, son of John, is a street car conductor in Minnesota; Minnie Nichols is married and lives in Chicago. (Huron Journal-World, November 5, 1908)

Chan Wallace expects to leave for Portland next week where he will have an operation performed on Johnnie’s arm which was accidentally broken while he was attending the deaf and dumb school at Boise last January. The fracture never healed properly and as a consequence there is a running sore on the arm. (Nezperce Herald, November 12, 1908)

Marion Sutton, of Sashabaw Plains, ate Thanksgiving dinner and a number of others at Eugene Groover’s. (Oxford Leader, December 4, 1908)

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