Short News Items from 1904

J.L. Shanger [sic] was off duty Wednesday.  (Adrian Daily Telegram, January 23, 1904)

John L. Gallup of Lakeside made us a pleasant call Tuesday.  Mr. Gallup had a partial stroke of paralysis some time ago and was in the hospital here several weeks.  He is only able to get about with difficulty now but we hope his infirmity will leave him soon.  (Huron Journal-World, January 21, 1904)

Mrs. M.J. Rorick departed this morning for Moline where she will enter a Sanitarium and receive treatment. She has been quite sick for some time, and her many friends hope she will be great benefitted. (Oxford Mirror, February 11, 1904)

Mrs. Annia [sic] Loosley, of Fort Klamath, while walking along the street of that town last Sunday evening, passed a horse that was tied to a hitching post, when the animal suddenly kicked her on the head and cut quite a gash above the eye. She was at once taken to the Agency for medical attendance. (Medford Mail, February 12, 1904)

Bert Walling and Ralph Pope will leave this morning for their home in San Joaquin county, after a few days’ visit in town. (Grass Valley Morning Union, June 2, 1904)

“Cap” Tyrrell and wife came over from Belmond yesterday and stopped at the J.W. Garth home. Mr. Tyrrell is enroute to Texas, while Mrs. Tyrrell will make an extended visit here. (Wright County Monitor, July 20, 1904)

S.D. McGugin and family are again at home in Pierre after a year on the Pacific coast.  E.W. Sanderson who has had charge of the express office during Mr. McGugin’s absence has again taken his place on the road as express messenger.  (Pierre Weekly Free Press, July 21, 1904)

M.D. Larned and family will spend a few days at Sashabaw Plains, near Pontiac, leaving for that place tomorrow. They will be accompanied by Miss Elva McNeil, Mrs. Larned’s niece, who has been staying here and attending the high school. Miss McNeil will remain permanently as she has secured a school and will teach there the coming year. (Ann Arbor News, August 6, 1904)

Dr. J.W. Garth and wife and Mrs. W.C. Tyrrell expect to leave Sunday for the St. Louis exposition. Mrs. Tyrrell will not return to this place, but goes from St. Louis to Beaumont, Texas, to join her husband. (Wright County Monitor, September 21, 1904)

John Gallup was escorting an eastern horse buyer through the country from Cavour on Monday of last week.  (Huron Journal-World, October 6, 1904)

David Rorick, of Belmond, was also in town over last night and accompanied his wife home today. (Wright County Monitor, October 13, 1904)

John Gallup of Cavour was up Friday preparing to depart for Rochester where he will enter the hospital for an operation to remove a fistula.  If the operation is successful or if the doctors there are not confident of making a successful operation he will go on the Buffalo, N.Y., where there is another hospital of wide repute and where he has a brother whom he has not seen since he was a small boy.  (Huron Journal-World, October 27, 1904)

John L. Gallup has located at the home of his brother-in-law, W.Z. Nichols, at Sears, Michigan.  (Huron Journal-World, November 17, 1904)

Hamilton—John Rochelle, a horseman in fire company No. 5 had his right arm shot off while hunting east of Hamilton Friday. His companion, John Kuchenbrodt, in loading his gun discharged it accidentally, striking Rochelle at short range. Though prostrated by shock, he will probably live. (Mansfield News-Journal, November 26, 1904)

Mrs. Morton Tyrrell has arrived in Eureka and is now visiting at the house of her mother, Mrs. E.A. Walling, in that city, where she will soon be joined by her husband.  Mr. and Mrs. Tyrrell formerly resided in this valley and are well known here, the gentleman being a son of Rev. R.S. Tyrrell, formerly of Ferndale but now of Haywards.  For several years Mr. and Mrs. Tyrrell have made their home in Marshfield, Oregon, but have decided to leave the Webfoot state and in future will reside in this county.  (Ferndale Enterprise, December 13, 1904)

Morton Tyrrell was an incoming passenger on the last Alliance and has decided to make Eureka his home for a time at least.  He and his family have rented a cottage at the county seat where Mr. Tyrrell expects to engage in business, although in what line he has not yet determined. He has rented his dairy farm at Arago, Coos county, Oregon, for a time of years and will try something a little less laborious than dairying.  Morton tells us that all the Humboldters now in his section of Oregon and doing well and enjoying good health.  Mr. Richardson, cheesemaker at the Grizzly Bluff creamery a few years ago, says Mr. Tyrrell is now the owner of about 200 acres of as fine land as can be found in Coos county, purchased at a price, too, that is rediculously [sic] small when the fertility of the soil is considered.  Morton passed Wednesday and part of yesterday in the Cream City visiting relatives and attending to business matters in this section.  (Ferndale Enterprise, December 23, 1904)


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