Short News Items from 1900

Mr. and Mrs. Box’s little boy is getting better. Dr. J.W. Garth of Clarion, was called in consultation with Dr. Strevell Friday of last week. (Wright County Democrat, January 24, 1900)

On Tuesday of last week John Shanger [sic] and James Gibson in six hours and 15 minutes cut and piled seven and one-half cords of wood and filed their saw also. Next. (Adrian Daily Telegram, March 6, 1900)

Mrs. Morton Tyrrell expects a visit from her mother from the east in the near future. (Ferndale Enterprise, February 16, 1900)

Casper Beardslee has been drawing wood this past week. (Oxford Leader, February 16, 1900)

D.G. Rorick, conductor of the San Jacinto train, left Monday in company with his wife for Arrowhead, where Mr. Rorick will endeavor to conquer the grip. (Riverside Daily Press, March 22, 1900)

David Rorick of Belmond was looking after business matters in town yesterday. (Wright County Monitor, August 22, 1900)

Grant Clay has recovered from an accident and is able to be out. (Tuscola County Advertiser, September 7, 1900)

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Hickman entertained a number of their friends to dinner Friday, in honor of Mrs. Hickman’s brother, Dr. Watt [sic] Rochelle, and wife, of Wichita, Kan. (Columbus Sunday Dispatch, September 9, 1900)

Mrs. Morton Tyrrell, of this section, is receiving a visit from her mother, Mrs. Walling. The lady resides at Scotia. (Ferndale Enterprise, September 25, 1900)

Mr. and Mrs. Walter R. Brown entertained Monday afternoon at their home, 1319 Twenty-fourth street west, for their little daughter Marion, whose fourth birthday it was. There were 20 guests present and music and games were enjoyed. The decorations were in red and green. (Minneapolis Star Tribune, October 17, 1900)

David Rorick and wife returned from their visit to St. Louis last Monday. (Wright County Monitor, November 21, 1900)

Capt. Tyrrell and David Rorick were in Hampton on business last Thursday. (Wright County Monitor, November 21, 1900)


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