Short News Items from 1898

The venerable Wm. Rorick is prostrated from sickness. As he is quite aged it is thought he will not recover. (Adrian Daily Telegram, January 15, 1898)

Miss Sarah Mullany and James Mullany, Jr., came up Friday from Glen’s Ferry and attended the Masquerade ball. While here they made the Bulletin office a pleasant call. Since we last saw Miss Sarah she has grown to womanhood and is one of the handsomest young ladies in the county. (Elmore Bulletin, January 26, 1898)

B.F. Walling and wife (nee Georgia Comley) live in Nampa, Idaho. Mrs. Walling has an album full of photographs taken her some twenty years ago, and if the originals could get hold of them there would doubtless be a bonfire, for they are—well they don’t flatter a bit. (Albany State Rights Democrat, February 18, 1898)

Will Davidson, Charles Fultz, James Mullany jr. and the Nusman boys are among those who will go to the Philippines in Uncle Sam’s service. More offered their services, but owing to the quota being filled they were held as reserves. (Elmore Bulletin, May 12, 1898)

Mrs. G. Henry Crane takes the fisherman’s belt so far this season. She landed an eight-pound pickerel from Sand Lake yesterday, while trolling. (Adrian Daily Telegram, May 16, 1898)

Frank Groover while jointing staves in Hazelton’s cooper shop yesterday cut of the ends of two fingers on his right hand, the day before he cut off the index finger of his left hand. (Oxford Intruder, July 23, 1898)

David Rorick and wife, of Belmond, accompanied by David Rorick, Sr. and wife, of St. Louis, Mo., were visiting friends in town Monday. (Wright County Monitor, August 24, 1898)

Mrs. E.J. Wise daughter of Wm. Weldon and wife has moved to Chico where she will reside for the winter. (Oroville Daily Register, November 26, 1898)


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