Short News Items from 1896

Mattie Sutton, of Town Corners, is visiting her aunt, Mrs. Frank Thurston. (Pontiac Daily Gazette, January 9, 1896)

Frank Thurston and wife, of Southeast Orion, spent News Years at the parental home of Col. Sutton, Town Corners. (Pontiac Gazette, January 10, 1896)

Frank Groover, of North Oxford, spent a portion of last week at L.J. Sutton’s, Town Corners. Frank, being a cooper, has been making apple barrels in Ohio the past summer, but of late hails from Tennessee. (Pontiac Gazette, January 23, 1896)

Lon Skinner and wife and S. Gates of Lapeer, Marion Sutton of Chicago; Charlie Beardsley and wife, of Victor; Will Hart and wife, of Seymour Lake, were guests of C.L. Sutton and family, Town Corners, last week. (Pontiac Gazette, January 31, 1896)

C.B. Pennock and G. Henry Crane have been at Coldwater for several days, invoicing Pennock’s store. (Adrian Daily Telegram, February 24, 1896)

Marion Sutton, Chicago, spent a portion of last week with his brother C.L. Sutton and family, of Town Corners. Their aged mother of Fenton has been very ill with grip, but is now improving. (Pontiac Gazette, February 28, 1896)

We observe that one of our old friends, Mrs. Ellen Tyrrell, from Wright county, Iowa, is visiting her mother, Mrs. Cornelius Rorick, and other relatives in the vicinity. Glad to see your pleasant face among us once more, Ellen. (Anamosa Eureka, April 9, 1896)

Mrs. Cornelius Sutton, of Town Corners, is ill at present date with malarial fever. Dr. Howard, of Oxford, is her physician. (Pontiac Gazette, May 1, 1896)

Mrs. S. Gates, of Lapeer, and Mrs. Lon Skinner, of Oscoda, who were called to the bedside of their mother Mrs. C.L. Sutton, Town Corners, have returned to their homes. (Pontiac Gazette, May 8, 1896)

Rev. J. Ford M. Sutton, of New York City, was a guest of his relatives at E.T. Beardsley’s last week. (Pontiac Gazette, May 29, 1896)

Levi Groover and Marion Sutton, of near Orion, went to Tuscola county on their wheels last week. (Pontiac Gazette, June 26, 1896)

Harry Casterline, of Orange, was calling on his cousin, Mrs. Joseph McRill, on Sunday. (Weekly Scranton Times, November 21, 1896)

Joseph McRill and daughter Lida spent Sunday with relatives at Nanticoke. (Weekly Scranton Times, November 21, 1896)

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