Short News Items from 1895

Sydney Groover and Frank Phelps are at Pontiac this week “courting,” being drawn as jurors for this term of court. (Pontiac Gazette, March 1, 1895)

B.F. Walling, of Nampa, Idaho, a brother of John Walling, is visiting friends in Dallas. (The Independence Enterprise, March 7, 1895)

The Orion Gun Club, held another shooting contest last Saturday. The prize, a valuable 18 karat composition of something, manufactured by Bailey & Coon, and about the size of a silver dollar, was easily capture by Sidney Groover, who wears it under the lapel of his coat, with all the dignity becoming the situation. (Pontiac Gazette, March 8, 1895)

Mrs. George Groover and son Arthur, of Thomas, spent several days at Sydney Groover’s, South Orion, last week. (Pontiac Gazette, March 22, 1895)

Mr. W.M. Rorick gave a concert Monday evening at the Presbyterian Church. (The Huron Times, March 29, 1895)

Uncle J.B. Walling, whose homestead is four miles above town, an Idaho pioneer of ‘sixty-four and a patriarch of eighty-six years, recently visited his daughter, Mrs. James Mullaney, at Glenn’s Ferry. He told the correspondent of the Mountain Home Republican that they passed through the country in 1847 and crossed the Snake at Glenn’s Ferry, and that the only houses between the Missouri river and Oregon City at that time were one or two missions. (The Ketchum Keystone, June 1, 1895)

Miss Retta Babcock left for Detroit yesterday, where she has employment in Grace hospital. (Centralia Daily Chronicle, June 7, 1895)

Wm. I. Sutton is quite feeble at present, Dr. J. Goodenough is attending him. (Pontiac Gazette, June 7, 1895)

On Wednesday evening of last week Morton Tyrrell, who departed Saturday for St. Louis to enter college, was tendered a farewell reception at the home of his parents in Ferndale. Quite a number of the young gentleman’s friends were present, and the evening was very happily spent. Morton carries away with him the best wishes of a large circle of acquaintances in whose estimation he stands in the highest esteem. (Ferndale Enterprise, August 9, 1895)

Lute Sutton, of Town Corners, took a trip to Rochester on Monday for repairs on his traction engine. (Pontiac Gazette, August 9, 1895)

Mable Groover, of Dearborn, was the guest of her uncle, Sydney Groover, of South Orion, last week. (Pontiac Gazette, September 13, 1895)

Mr. and Mrs. Sydney Groover and son Levi intend going to Linden Wednesday to attend the wedding of Miss Pearl Smith, a niece of Mr. and Mrs. Groover. (Pontiac Gazette, September 13, 1895)

Lute Sutton, of Town Corners, has a very sick horse and the cause is paralysis, so says Dr. McVean. (Pontiac Gazette, November 8, 1895)

The house of J.D. Walling burned last week. It caught from the woods fire which was burning around it. (Albany State Rights Democrat, November 8, 1895)

Lute Sutton, of Town Corners, and Sidney Groover, of South Orion combined forces and took a load of poultry to Pontiac on Wednesday. The weather was somewhat blizzardy but the wad of poultry money, tucked in their wives pockets, kept them warm. (Pontiac Gazette, December 20, 1895)


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