Short News Items from 1892

L.B. Sutton, chief mining engineer of the Volunteer mine, owned by Russell A. Alger, near Negaunee, is here on a visit with his uncle, E.S.B. Sutton. Mr. Sutton is lately from the state mining school, and is enthusiastic in his praise of that institution. He is an old school chum of G.G. Scranton, W.L. Snell and others of this city.—Soo News. Lin’s old friends will be glad to hear of his prosperity. (Cheboygan Democrat, January 30, 1892)

S.H. Rorick’s oldest son John, returned last week from an extensive tour of the world. The reporter has not met him yet but understand he can give some interesting descriptions of his travels. (Hand County Press, May 12, 1892)

S.H. Rorick concluded to defer his annual trip to the Hills, and put in a big crop on his Alden farm. (Hand County Press, May 26, 1892)

Daniel Hickman, of Reynoldsburg, a juror in the damage case of Althen against Clover, was called home last evening by a message reporting that his son had broken a leg. (Columbus Dispatch, June 23, 1892)

A banquet and ball was given at the Irwin House in Bad Axe last night in honor of Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Rorick, who leave for the west in a short time, Mr. Rorick having disposed of the Democrat. (The Huron Times, November 18, 1892)

We received a very pleasant call this morning from Mr. J.F. Rorich [sic] and his little son, of Michigan. Mr. R. is publisher of the Bad Axe Democrat, in Huron county, and his risibilities are somewhat excited on noticing how some people here are visibly affected by the touch of winter now passing over us. In Huron county this would pass for a mild fall day. (The Dalles Weekly Chronicle, December 23, 1892)


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