Short News Items from 1888

J.P. Sutton was down to Detroit last week and attended the annual banquet at the Cadillac of the Loyal Legion society, of which he is a member. The judge reports having a grand good time. (Cheboygan Democrat, May 10, 1888)

Ed Rochelle and Sidney Stead were driving down High Street last evening, when they attempted the cross the street car track in front of the treasurer’s office the vehicle caught in the tracks, a wheel was torn off and Rochelle thrown out and badly bruised up. (Hamilton Daily Democrat, May 21, 1888)

St. Lawrence Tribune.—J.J. Smithy, Dr. Lane, D.D. Rorick, Charles Young and the M.E. Minister, of Miller, were down Wednesday evening attending the Masonic lodge. (Hand County Press, May 31, 1888)

The Diamonds will probably be strengthened when they go to the Soo by the addition of Will McArthur, who is now home from Ann Arbor for vacation, and Lin Sutton, who will be home from the mining school at Houghton then. Both are good players and strong batters and will make the club a very strong one, if the rest of the boys play ball as they did last week. (Cheboygan Democrat, June 28, 1888)

Frank Linderman, of Chicago, is in town this week. (Cheboygan Democrat, August 2, 1888)

Lin Sutton was at home Sunday, and looks as if he had struck a soft snap in the government employ. We hope Lin will not have to flop or git next March. (Cheboygan Democrat, December 6, 1888)

Grant Clay and sister, of Ellington, were visiting at J.P. Wilber’s, on the 27th. (Tuscola County Advertiser, December 8, 1888)


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