Short News Items from the 1870s

Mr. E.F. Sutton of Houghton made but a short visit at the Minnesota mine during the week. (Lake Superior Miner, July 23, 1870)

A.G. Walling, of the emporium, came up as a delegate to the Grand Lodge I.O.G.T. and spent several days in town. (Albany State Rights Democrat, June 13, 1873)

Mr. J.T. Rorick, of Michigan, is visiting his cousin, J.R. Armstrong of Irvington. (Algona Upper Des Moines, July 21, 1875)

On Friday evening Miss Ettie Place, adopted daughter of A.R. Sutton, Esq., gave a birth-day party at Mr. Sutton’s residence. About sixty of her friends were in attendance, several from this city participating. Miss Place was made the recipient of a goodly number of presents. Dancing was had in the grounds of the residence on a platform erected for the occasion. Hoffman, Quartermass and King furnished the music. (Pontiac Weekly Bill Poster, September 6, 1876)

Cap. Tyrrell has returned from his old home in Cedar county. His father died a few days before he reached there. (Wright County Monitor, February 28, 1877)

Jay Linderman speared a sturgeon in the river, just below the dam, last Monday, which weighed seventy five pounds. (Cheboygan Northern Tribune, April 27, 1878)

Yesterday, S.H. Rorick of Oxford Mills, was visiting his brother, D.D. Rorick of this place, and while watering his horses in the barn, he passed by the side of one which became frightened, and kicked at and bit Mr. R. over the eye, cutting a severe gash, but it is thought not a dangerous one. (Clinton County Advertiser, December 27, 1878)

Our old friend Dr. Armstrong came up from Des Moines last week to visit his former home and friends. His many friend will be pained to know that the Doctor’s health has been failing for some time and that he finds it necessary to give up office work. It will be a great satisfaction to our own people to know that their old neighbor intends to return to Kossuth county once more. Dr. Armstrong has been long enough in the home office of the State Insurance Company at Des Moines to win the highest esteem of the officers, and he has been offered the very best of positions if he will consent to remain. But he has been compelled to decline all offers on account of his health. (Algona Republican, February 19, 1879)

Z.C. Andruss of Irvington township has been quite ill with malarial fever. He was in town yesterday, but looked as though he might have been better at home. (Algona Republican, April 30, 1879)


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