Business and Professional News from the 1930s

C.H. Rorick of Morenci sold a team of grace Belgian horses weight 3800 pounds to a Hudson man for $600. (Archbold Buckeye, May 16, 1932)

C. Rorick, who is Lenawee county appraiser for the Home Loan Bank, Battle Creek, is working in the Kalamazoo district this week.  (Morenci Observer, November 2, 1933)

Olin Barlow, Elroy McGrew, Curtis McGrew, Ralph Williams, Amos Williams, Henry Slagle and Cliff Green are employed by the Skeeter Bros. clearing land for a mining company on Graves creek. (Medford Mail Tribune, February 22, 1935)

C.H. Rorick of Morenci has purchased a well drilling outfit and will try to locate another gas well near the first one found south of Morenci.  (Archbold Buckeye, June 3, 1936)

Morenci officials have been asked to grant a natural gas franchise to Leo Wagenaar of Grand Rapids and C.H. Rorick. They wish to run lines into that town and supply natural gas to consumers from the wells recently struck just south of that village.  (Archbold Buckeye, September 23, 1936)

FOR SALE—Whipping cream in your own container, 35c a quart.  Grant E. Beardslee, 6550 Pine Knob Road, Clarkston.  Phone 31-1658.  (Clarkston News, June 23, 1939)

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