Mrs. Palmer Writes Interesting Letter From Arizona

Describes Points of Interest Visited on Trip to California

Mrs. George Palmer writes the following interesting letter of their trip enroute to California, from Phoenix, Arizona, December 18th.

She writes: You asked me to write to you and as this is the last night of our journey, am going to tell you a little of our trip.

Made very good time the first two days.  It started to rain late in the afternoon of the second day.  We stayed overnight in the Will Rogers hometown of Claremoore.

In the morning it was still raining and the weather report predicted sleet and snow in Amarillo, Texas, Mexico City and Flagstaff, Arizona, so we changed our intended route and went to Dallas, Texas.  Reached Dallas on Thursday and hunted up Herb Holden.

Herb looks older of course, but is still holding the job he has held for better than twenty-two years and at 73 years of age is making better than $35 per week.

His wife seems nice and made us as welcome as flowers in May.

She teaches music in one of the Dallas schools, a position she has held for over twenty years.  Until a few years ago she had twenty private pupils besides.  She also plays the pipe organ in one of the city churches so we found them a very busy couple.

We left Dallas on Monday, December 16th, found much ice and snow, but it had melted from the pavements.

The trees and shrubs were crystallized with ice and looked beautiful with the sun shining on them. 

We got into El Paso yesterday, December 17th, in the afternoon.  We went over into old Mexico, to Cindad [sic] Juaraz [sic], where we walked up one street and down another.  Saw a mixture of nations along the street.  Reminded me of our Labor Day celebrations.

The Mexicans follow you up, trying to sell something to you, offering two or three things at a time, saying, “You buy this, lady.  Let me show you something else,” etc.  It is rather difficult to get by them. Food is sold from little carts or stalls on the edge of the walk.

We stayed the night in El Paso and today, all day, we have driven through the clouds until we reached Arizona. Sometimes the clouds were so thick we had to use our lights, had our dimmers on all of the morning. 

All along the road in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona, we saw fields full of d—–s picking cotton.  They were whole families down to tiny tots.

This afternoon we drove along the Apache Trail, passed villages with hundreds of homes built with oval or round tops for roofs covered with grass and squares of cotton tied to that to keep the grass or whatever it was from blowing away.

We saw many herds feeding in the fields, which looked to us like nearly bare ground.

We crossed the Coolidge Dam and came to the top of the world, then down in the Devil’s Canyon.

When then came into Globe, Arizona, where they have a large copper smelting works, which covers over a mile of surface. I believe mining is also carried on there. It is all enclosed and situated quite high on the mountain side. 

We have driven 438 miles today and are pretty tired. Expect to reach California tomorrow.  Have not decided as yet whether we will go to Pasadena, Long Beach or Los Angeles. 

Wish the members of the club a Merry Christmas from me and the same to your mother and yourself.

As ever, your friend,

Allie Palmer

A later message gives their address as 444 N. Marengo Ave., Pasadena, California. 

Source:  Clare Sentinel, January 10, 1941. 

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