Mrs. Hickman To Celebrate Her 103rd Birthday Friday

Mrs. Mary Ann Hickman, who has watched the life of her community, Reynoldsburg, revolve about her for more than a century, will celebrate her one hundred and third birthday Friday.

With a daughter, Mrs. Elizabeth Myers of Reynoldsburg, and a friend, Mrs. Rebecca Gossard of Russells Point, Ohio, she will share a birthday dinner. Plans for a family gathering were cancelled.

Living alone, “Grandma Hickman” (as Reynoldsburg knows her) spends her days reading her Bible, visiting with callers, and working around her house. In that she is helped by her good friend and neighbor, Mrs. Nettie Allen, who calls each day.

Mrs. Hickman was born northeast of Reynoldsburg, one of a family of 12 children. She is the mother of four children, although Mrs. Myers is the only survivor of her immediate family.

Rarely does Mrs. Hickman leave her home. The last time she did so was in May, during Route 40 centennial celebration when she observed activities from the village’s official car.

Mrs. Hickman sleeps according to a timetable, going to be in early evening, 5:30 p.m., and arising at 6 a.m. She is not and never has been on a diet, and doesn’t plan to go on one, at least not before her one hundred and fourth birthday.

Source: Columbus Dispatch, November 14, 1940.


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