Morenci Man’s Death Subject Of Inquiry

Jury Hears Details of Page Stockwell’s Injury and Death

MORENCI, Mich., July 10.—That Page Stockwell came to this death from the effects of injuries sustained when he fell and his head struck the pavement after being hit in the face or mouth by a blow delivered by Kirk Rorick was the substance of a special jury’s verdict at the conclusion of an inquest held in Justice Leon D. Mowry’s court Thursday.

About a dozen witnesses were sworn.  Kirk Rorick was not present at the inquest but he was represented by his attorney, B.D. Chandler of Hudson, although Mr. Chandler cross-examined none of the witnessed and took no active part in the proceedings.  The hearing was conducted before Justice Mowry by Henry I. Bourns, prosecuting attorney.

The jury, after a brief period of deliberation, returned its verdict in the following form:

“We, the jury, find that at the village of Morenci, within the said county of Lenawee, in the evening about 7:30 o’clock of Thursday, July 2, 1925, the said Page Stockwell was struck by a blow in the face of mouth by Kirk Rorick, causing the said Page Stock to fall upon the curb or cement sidewalk from said blow and causing his skull to be fractured at the base of the brain, from hitting said curb or sidewalk, which fall or striking said curb or sidewalk resulted in concussion and then compression of the brain and death on Saturday evening July 4 at 8:15 o’clock.”

Source: Adrian Daily Telegram, July 10, 1925.

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