Street Altercation Has Serious Ending

Morenci Young Man’s Skull is Fractured in Fall

MORENCI, Mich., July 3.—Page Stockwell, aged about 24 years, is in a serious condition at the Hal Blair hospital suffering from a fracture at the base of the skull. The fracture was sustained in a fall to the pavement, after he was struck a blow by Kirk Rorick last night.  Physicians today said his chances for recovery were slight.

Mr. Rorick assisted in carrying the unconscious man to the hospital, where physicians stated today his condition was serious.  A specialist from Toledo was call in consultation this morning.

Mr. Stockwell is a son of Mr. and Mrs. L.S. Stockwell of Morenci and Mr. Rorick is a son of C.M. Rorick, cashier of the Morenci bank.

According to the story told by one of the members of Mr. Rorick’s family today, the two men were conversing on the street when Stockwell made an allusion to Rorick’s domestic affairs that fired the latter’s anger.  He struck out at the other man causing him to fall.  As Stockwell went down his head crashed against the curbing, knocking him unconscious

It was reported from the hospital that the patient became conscious this morning at about 10 o’clock and then lapsed again into a stupor.

Stockwell recently completed part of a course in embalming at a school in Columbus, Ohio, and was to return next week to complete his work.  Rorick had recently moved back to Morenci from Swanton, Ohio. 

Source:  Adrian Daily Telegram, July 3, 1925. 

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