New Movie Theatre

The Sterling Movie House on Hazel street will open its doors this afternoon. This is one of the prettiest show houses in the city, just completed by Attorney W.S. Casterlin, who has built so many beautiful homes in the city. Mr. Casterlin names the show after his three-year-old son, Walter Sterling, Jr. Sterling avenue is also named after Walter Sterling, Jr. At 2 p.m. the moving pictures will start. The house is equipped with a large stage, the finest generator for light, large commodious seats, plenty of aisle room, high ceilings for ventilation, two large six power A machines for films. The best service possible. At 8 o’clock this evening the city commissioners, city treasurer and mayor will formally open the new theatre while a ladies’ band will be in attendance with music for the evening. Only the best educational pictures will be shown. Four apartments for dwellings are above the show room all heated with steam.

Mr. Stone, who has successfully managed the Parsons theatre, will have full charge here.

Source: Wilkes-Barre Times-Leader, January 1, 1914.


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