Alex H. Nimmo

The proprietor of the A.H. Nimmo Electric Company, Alex H. Nimmo, is one of the vital and progressive business men of the younger generation in Detroit and his executive ability and well ordered policies have proved potent in developing the substantial business which this company controls in the handling of all kinds of electric machinery and supplies, with headquarters at 856 Michigan avenue.

Mr. Nimmo was born in Arthur, Province of Ontario, Canada, on the 16th of May, 1881, and is a son of Thomas and Marian (Chalmers) Nimmo, who were born in Scotland, and who became residents of Ontario, Canada, in the early ‘60s. The father became a prosperous farmer in that province, remaining there until 1886, when he came with his family to Detroit, where for many years he was actively associated with the Roe-Stephens Manufacturing Company and where he continued to reside until his death, which occurred when he was about fifty-eight years of age. His widow still maintains her home in Detroit; George and Thomas reside in the state of California; Miss Marian remains with her widowed mother; Mary is the wife of William H. Scott of Vanderbilt, Otsego county, Michigan; and Jean is the wife of O.F. Alexander of Cleveland, Ohio.

Alex H. Nimmo was a lad of five years at the time when the family home was established in Detroit, and here he continued his studies in the public schools until he had profited by the advantages of the high school. He then entered upon a practical apprenticeship in connection with electrical mechanics, in which he became a skilled artisan and won advancement to a responsible and remunerative position. This position he resigned in 1910 to establish the independent enterprise which was since developed into the substantial and prosperous business now controlled by the company of which he is the executive head, his energy, technical ability and progressive and reliable business policies having contributed primarily to the splendid advancement, expansion and attending success of the enterprise, which is conducted under the title of the A.H. Nimmo Electrical Company and in connection with which the corps of employes [sic] varied from fifty to ninety persons, according to season demands.

On January 25, 1911, Mr. Nimmo was married to Miss Mertie McCloe, daughter of Melvin McCloe of Detroit, and the one child of this union is Virginia R., who was born in 1916.

Mr. Nimmo is independent in politics, is a live and public-spirited citizen, is affiliated with the Masonic fraternity, and holds membership in the Detroit Board of Commerce and the Fellowcraft and Rotary Clubs.

Source: Burton, Clarence Monroe. 1922. The City of Detroit Michigan 1701-1922. Detroit, MI: S.J. Clarke Publishing Company.

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