Needs the Journal-World

Friend Boggs: Will you please send me the back numbers of the Journal-World from say October 25 down to date. If I decide to locate in the east permanently I will let you know my address as I cannot keep house without the J-W., but I expect to return to South Dakota soon.

My health is good; has, I think, improved some in the last two weeks. I am taking treatment from Dr. Chas. Mayo, of Rochester, but he did not think it necessary to operate on me.

I have been around some from Rochester. I went to St. Paul and had a good time while there. Met Grant Fowler at the Merchants Hotel. He was looking fine. From St. Paul I went to Medford, Wis., and from there to Duluth and took a steamer down the lakes to Ludington, Mich., and then came here and am at present visiting my sister, Mrs. W.Z. Nichols, and family.

Don’t forget to send the Journal-World.

Yours truly.
John Gallup, Sears, Mich.

(We are glad to hear of friend John’s improved condition and hope that we may soon see him back to South Dakota, enjoying his old health. Here’s hoping you will soon be entirely well, old man.)

Source: Huron Journal-World, November 10, 1904.

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