Harriett L. Porter, daughter of John C. and Louisa K. Porter, was born in Seneca township, Lenawee county, Michigan, November 6, 1853, and died in Columbus, Ohio, on April 8, 1936, aged 82 years 4 months and 22 days.

On February 10, 1870, she was united in marriage with LeRoy W. Rorick, and to this union two children were born, Nellie R. Murphy of Columbus, Ohio, and Cosper M. Rorick, of Morenci, both of whom are living, together with eight grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren.

It would be impossible to do justice to this long, noble life filled with works of love of this mother, venerated by all who knew here.

Indeed her life was like an open book, known by all as a sturdy, conscientious woman of the noblest type.

The funeral services were held at the Ackland Funeral Home at 12:30 o’clock Easter Sunday, Dr. J.E. Sarles officiating. Kirk Rorick, Harry Metcalf, William and John Murphy, John Rorick, Jr., and Ned Baldwin acted as pall bearers.

The floral tributes were numerous and beautiful.

Among the out of town relatives and friends who attended the funeral were Mr. and Mrs. Ed N. Baldwin, Carry [sic] and Mary Baldwin of Howell, Ned Baldwin of Tecumseh, Mr. and Mrs. George Brown, Mr. and Mrs. John Murphy and Dr. and Mrs. W.D. Murphy of Columbus, Ohio, Mr. and Mrs. William Murphy, Zanesville, Ohio, Mr. and Mrs. A.V. Foster and Miss Harriett Rorick, Toledo, Mr. and Mrs. George H. Crane, Mrs. Fred T. Sullivan of Fayette, Mr. and Mrs. John P. Rorick, Sr., and John Rorick, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Hart and Mrs. Nettie Morris of Seneca, Alice Rorick, Helen Lundohl [sic], Marjorie Watts, Adrian, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Metcalf, Mary Metcalf, Mr. and Mrs. W.K. Rorick, Jean Rorick and Wyman Rorick, Royal Oak, together with other relatives and friends in and around Morenci.

Source: Morenci Observer, April 16, 1936.


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