Output Steady

David Rorick, president of Rorick Buick, Inc., has returned from a week-long sales conference in Los Angeles with the prediction that the present situation as regards new and used cars will continue.

Rorick was one of 55 Buick dealers who participated in a General Motors refresher course for sales managers at the Hotel Biltmore.

“Information from reliable Detroit sources,” said Rorick, “indicates that the national production of the automobile industry in 1950 will total about 6,600,000 units. This is on the basis of the presently reduced output.


“This total would be the largest in the history of the industry and this indicates that the supply of new cars, while not meeting the potential demand we have experienced so far this year, should still be adequate.

“Additional credit restrictions which are now in effect and probably will reduce customer demand sufficiently to match the curtailment of steel which the industry has suffered and which is slowing up production currently.

“It is interested to consider that, if the total amount of 10 billion dollars of rearmament supplies now contracted for, were obtained solely from the America automobile industry, its production would be reduced only 25 percent.

Source: San Diego Union, September 24, 1950.

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