Business and Professional News from the 1890s

Editor Rorick of the Bad Axe Democrat has commenced a $5000 libel suit against the Detroit Tribune. The trouble arises over a news item which appeared in the Tribune in regard to a registered letter which ex Postmaster Rorick failed to turn over to his successor when the office changed hands, but withheld until a postoffice inspector traced it to him last month. (The Huron Times, June 6, 1890)

A large number of copies of the new Huron county directory were delivered in this vicinity last week by E.R. Cookingham and Wm. Rorick. This volume comprises a large amount of valuable information for residents of this county, and its compilation is valuable for its accuracy and reliability. Aside from the maps and other charts displayed it contains a short history of the county. (The Huron Times, October 17, 1890)

E.C. Walling, of Boise City, Idaho, has bought the Jay Frizzell place, near McCoy, for $10,000. (Salem Capital Journal, January 28, 1891)

The Bad Axe Democrat commenced upon a new year last week. The Democrat is a live, local paper, and Bro. Rorick is able to maintain its popularity. (The Huron Times, May 15, 1891)

I.P. Gile, of the mouth of More creek, has been engaging apples here during the past few days. (Idaho Semi-Weekly World, October 13, 1891)

Attorney D.D. Rorick now occupies rooms in the Bowne & Pusey building, up stairs. (Hand County Press, November 26, 1891)

If you get to feeling too bad, take a dose of Chamberlain’s Pain Balm. Rorick & Cawley keep large and small sized bottles. (Delta Atlas, May 27, 1892)

It was announced Monday that S.H. Rorick had leased the Vanderbilt hotel. But next day Landlord Torrey and H.W. Sawyer went to Ashton where Uncle John Cummings, the owner, is visiting, and report says that Mr. Torrey purchased the hotel. (Hand County Press, September 1, 1892)

The store of Alex. Burrows of Tappantown was broken into last night and the following articles taken: A case of lager beer, 750 cigars, an overcoat and umbrella. (Port Jervis Union, October 17, 1892)

Yesterday, the police found at the old Erie coal pockets a recently deserted camp. Several bottles were found and identified as belonging to the saloon of Alex. Burrows which was robbed Sunday night. (Port Jervis Union, October 18, 1892)

Emmet Van Sickle’s annual display of jewelry, watches and diamonds will be made this year, commencing Friday, Dec. 23. He has fine goods and lots of them at all times, but the special display is something unusual. Wait for it. (Port Jervis Union, December 10, 1892)

Horton C. Rorick, a graduate of Adrian College, and now a hustling young lawyer of Toledo, Ohio, is in the city today shaking hands with old friends. Mr. Rorick has an office in the handsome new “Nasby” block. (Adrian Daily Telegram, April 18, 1893)

W.M. Rorick, a former quill driver on the Bad Axe Democrat has been appointed mail agent. His route is from Port Huron to Saginaw. (The Huron Times, April 13, 1894)

S.H. Rorick and family, who have condcted [sic] the South Dakota house for some time, have removed to their own building in north Miller. The hotel is at present closed, for the time we believe since it was built in 1881. (Pioneer Press, April 11, 1895)

Lute Sutton, of Town Corners, has bought another traction engine, having sold his old one to Robert Smalley to run the Orion cider mill. (Pontiac Gazette, October 11, 1895)

Adolph Dobrowsky, manager of the Market street jewelry establishment, purchased on Sunday from Charles Gilmore of Red Bluff a fast trotting horse named Cash. (Red Bluff Daily Evening Times, May 19, 1896)

Gordon Stout and Leroy Brenner have bought Leroy Rorick’s livery business at Fayette. Rorick goes to Morenci. (Delta Atlas, April 9, 1897)

Emmett Van Sickle jeweler of Port Jervis is official time keeper of the Erie. That is he regulates the watches of the trainsmen. Any one who does this must know all about a watch and how to keep it in repair. He also has a full line of jewelry and silverware. He can fit glasses to your eyes, and save you big money in cost of examination. That he advertises in the Press is an assurance of enterprise. (Pike County Press, October 15, 1897)

Dave Rorick, who was recently admitted to the bar at Des Moines, will open a law office at Belmond soon. He is a brother-in-law of Dr. J.W. Garth, of this place, and is spoken of as a No. 1 young man. (Wright County Monitor, May 25, 1898)

David Rorick will soon open a law office in the Iowa Valley State Bank Building. Mr. Rorick has had a most liberal law education, and we predict for him an excellent practice and a brilliant career in his chosen profession. (Wright County Monitor, June 15, 1898)

Mr. and Mrs. David Rorick returned from Port Arthur last week. Mr. Rorick will resume the practice of law and will be found in his office in the Iowa Valley Bank building. (Wright County Monitor, May 10, 1899)

There was an error in an item which appeared in The Sentinel two weeks ago, that Miss Sadie Palmer has been engaged to teach in district No. 9 of Hatton township. Miss Palmer has not yet secured a school, and it appears that this item has prevented her from getting a desirable school. The correspondent is glad to make this correction. (Clare Sentinel, August 18, 1899)

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