Business and Professional News from the 1860s and 1870s

Jas. Mullany, who took a stock of goods to Salmon City for C. Jacobs of Boise City, has pulled up stakes, and left with the goods for the Yuba District, on Mr. Jacob’s account. (Idaho Semi-Weekly World, August 24, 1867)

C.S. Kingsley has a lot of nice butter from the dairy of I.P. Gile. (Idaho Semi-Weekly World, September 22, 1875)

G.W. Walling & Son, of Willamette nursery, have issued a descriptive catalogue of fruit and ornamental trees, grape vines, roses, etc., for sale by them at their nursery two miles above Oswego. The pamphlet is neatly printed, and contains much information of value to those who wish anything in this line. Communications addressed to G.W. Walling & Son, Oswego, Oregon, will receive prompt attention. They will also be prepared to take orders at the State Fair. (Portland New Northwest, October 1, 1875)

Elmer S.B. Sutton, a young man in Crofoot & Burtt’s law office for some months, will this week enter the law office of Gascall & Geer, Lapeer, where he will have every opportunity to improve himself in both study and practice. During his short stay in Pontiac, Mr. Sutton has made many warm friends. (Pontiac Weekly Bill Poster, November 3, 1875)

G.W. Walling & Son, Willamette Nursery, Oswego, have established an office at the Grange Market, Front and Madison streets, where orders will be received for fruit trees. (Portland Oregonian, November 8, 1875)

Hobart O. Hamlin and Zelora E. Brown, (under the firm name of Hamlin & Brown,) will open their Real Estate, Insurance & Loan office at room No. 2, Centre Block, over the National Exchange Bank, Monday, April 2d next. (Minneapolis Star Tribune, March 26, 1877)

Mr. Elihu B. Taylor has disposed of his interest in the old firm of Clason, Post & Co., to Messrs. Clason & Post, and has formed a co-partnership with Mr. T.G. Pierson, under the firm of T.G. Pierson &Co. (Middletown Daily Press, April 13, 1877)


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