Political News from the 1800s

On Saturday last we attended a discussion at Onion Grove station, between Mr. Aldrich of Wyoming, and Mr. Rorick of Jones county.  It was just such a discussion as does good among the people.  They are both good speakers, but Mr. Aldrich having justice and right on his side, is more than a match for his opponent, in this discussion.  We hope these gentlemen will continue their discussion till they have visited every school house in the North party of the county, at least.  Mr. Aldrich will speak in Tipton some time during the campaign.—There were about 200 persons at the meeting at Onion, and nearly all were Republicans, at least we such to be the fact from the demonstrations of applause during the speeches and the hurras [sic] for Lincoln at the close.  (Tipton Advertiser, August 30, 1860)

The Democrats of Delaware county have nominated J.H. Peters for State Senator, and Joel Bailey for Representative.  In Jones Co. the same party nominated C.H. Rorick and G.W. Miller as Representative.  We glean from the Dubuque Herald.  (Daily Iowa State Register, September 13, 1867)

Andrew Campbell, Edward McKinney and Amzy Clay were elected delegates to the republican representative convention.  (Tuscola County Advertiser, September 22, 1888)

J.P. Sutton, the Democratic judge of probate candidate, is a capable man for the place and will be elected. (Cheboygan Democrat, November 1, 1888)

The Brick Block gang are making Herculean efforts to elect Frank Shepherd by throwing mud on J.P. Sutton.  They know that without the county pap they will have to support Shepherd by private donations or let him go on the county. (Cheboygan Democrat, November 1, 1888)

Amzy Clay was elected moderator for another term, in district No. 1.  (Tuscola County Advertiser, September 14, 1889)

John Van Schaick of Rocky Bar and James Mullany of Glenn’s Ferry have each announced that they want the Rep. nomination for Assessor.  (Elmore Bulletin, September 1, 1894)

Hon. D.D. Rorick, well known all over Hand county, is now mayor of Oxford Junction, Iowa.  (Hand County Press, September 5, 1895)

Justice Rorick went to White Salmon today to make a Democratic address this evening. (The Dalles Weekly Chronicle, November 4, 1896)

James Mullany has been appointment postmaster of Glenn’s Ferry, notwithstanding nearly every voter of the place petitioned that a widow lady be retained in the position.  But such is goldbug humanity.  (Elmore Bulletin, March 23, 1898)

James Mullany has been appointed postmaster at Glenn’s Ferry.  He is a true blue republican and it is a worthy appointment.  Congratulations Jim.  (Shoshone Journal, March 25, 1898)

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