Former Jaysee Editors Have Interesting Experiences

Just back from a stay in Hawaii, and a summer of unusual experiences, Si Rorick, former Samojac editor, favored Jaysee students with a visit recently. Mr. Rorick has worked his way over to Honolulu, where he left the ship in anticipation of a summer of leisure and entertainment.

“Instead,” says Mr. Rorick, “we found prices of food and commodities to be twice as high as they are in the states. Our funds ran out all too soon and we became stranded, or what is known as ‘on the beach.’ Work was almost impossible to obtain, and there seemed to be no vacancies on boats leaving for the United States. I finally decided to take a desperate chance at stowing away on a British ship. The second day out at sea, they found me. Not considering me to be much of a criminal, they let me mingle with the passengers until the boat arrived in Vancouver. There I was kept for a month and one half in the Department of Immigration and Colonization until papers arrived from home establishing my citizenship. Luckily, they deported me to the States instead of back to Honolulu.”

Mr. Rorick is at present working for a local paper.

Source: The Samojac, November 28, 1934.

3 thoughts on “Former Jaysee Editors Have Interesting Experiences

  1. Re: Former Jaysee Editors Have Interesting Experiences and Si Rorick
    Could you tell me who is Si Rorick? Thanks.


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