Untitled (W.C. Tyrrell)

Beaumont, Texas, Enterprise, April 23: The fulfillment of the city’s dream of a public library building has been made possible through the philanthropy of Capt. W.C. Tyrrell, capitalist and public spirited citizen, who, it became known yesterday, has agreed to purchase the First Baptist church edifice at Pearl and Forsy streets and donate the building for library purposes to the people of Beaumont. Captain Tyrrell’s offer to purchase the church building at a price of $70,000 was accepted yesterday by the congregation of the First Baptist Church. According to the terms of the offer, the property is to be deeded to the city of Beaumont within 30 days after it has been conveyed to Captain Tyrrell and will be known as the “Tyrrell public library.” Captain Tyrrell’s generous offer was made several weeks ago following the decision on the part of the First Baptist church to raze its present building to make room for a new church. His proposal to buy the church as a gift to the city, Captain Tyrrell explains, was prompted as much by his desire to save the edifice as through his recognition of the need for a public library.

Source: Clarence Sun, May 3, 1923.

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