Contract Let For Residence

F.W. Rieke has the contract for a residence to be built for David Rorick on property adjoining his present home in Riverside Terrace. The building will be of two stories, 28×38 feet in size. There will be two porches with floors of cement. The house will contain on the lower floor an entrance hall, living room, den, dining room, and kitchen. Upstairs will be four bed chambers and a bath room. One feature of the living room will be a large brick fire place. There will be a basement beneath the home.

The exterior finish will be of shingles, stained. Inside, the woodwork will be stained slash grain pine with exposed beams in the living room, dining room and entrance hall. The building will cost about $3000 and the contractors expect to begin work about March 1st.

Source: Oceanside Blade, January 21, 1911.


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