Girl Released As Witnesses Fail to Show

Eleanor Walling, 19 years of age, who with Raymond Delano was arrested several weeks ago in connection with the burglary of the Violin Exchange on Regent street, March 27, was released on her own recognizance today and the case continued indefinitely by City Judge Noel S. Pratt, when witnesses for the state failed to appear to testify against here.  Delano, who pleaded guilty to burglary and grand larceny in this case, was recently sentenced to serve and indeterminate term in the state prison.

When the Walling girl’s case was called this morning, Ray S. McCarty, assistant county attorney, found that not a single state witness was in court to help prosecute the case and, upon his motion, the accused was given her liberty.  Before action on McCarty’s motion for a dismissal, Judge Pratt made an effort to get in touch with the state witnesses by telephone.  After waiting for half an hour, Judge Pratt ordered a dismissal entered in the case. 

Source: Salt Lake Telegram, April 23, 1923.

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