Mimi Is Charming

“Mimi” is tall, slender and blonde Elizabeth Rorick, daughter of the Ceilan H. Roricks of Toledo, O. More important here, she is the bride-elect of Bill Stack, lately of New York, but long one of Lansing’s favorite people. He wears the unmistakable stamp of the Yale man with becoming nonchalance for one who acquitted himself os [sic] well both in the classroom and on the football field. Bill is the son of Professor and Mrs. J.W. Stack of East Lansing.

Bill’s father will be his best man next Saturday while his sister, Betty, will be one of the ten bridesmaids in the elaborate wedding party. The list of ushers includes the well-known names of Reuben Andrus Holden, who is secretary to President Seymour of Yale, and Gordon Grayson, whose father was Admiral Grayson, personal physician to President Wilson.

Mimi’s mother is famous as Isabel Scott Rorick, authoress of “Mr. and Mrs. Cugat”, the popular book, now made into a movie and serialized on the radio. A book, by the way, with a rather intriguing history. It all began as a series of separate sketches in the Junior League magazine one time when she was asked to pinch-hit for the editor.

Casting desperately about for a subject her husband—at home with a cold—suggested himself. And thus was born the gently humorous and endearing tales of family life at the Cugats. Houghton-Mifflin company discovered the sketches and persuaded her to write enough more to form a book. It has since become a best-seller. Mrs. Rorick has a new book out called “Outside Eden.”

Source: Lansing State Journal, September 19, 1948.

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